The Extracellular Matrix + Lymphatic System in Health & Disease with Emphasis on Mold Exposure


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JULY 12 , 2022

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The Extracellular Matrix + Lymphatic System in Health & Disease with Emphasis on Mold Exposure

Presenter: Sofia Pistrila MSc, CNP

An Clinical Practice Workshop for Nutritional Practitioners

*Graduating students with a full knowledge base from an accredited institution are welcome!

This workshop is designed to help practitioners to understand the crucial importance of a healthy Extracellular Matrix (ECM) and Lymphatic System; to recognize red flags and symptoms of dysregulation, how pathology develops in the ECM and its causative factors.

Sofia will dig deep into the relatively new and fascinating knowledge of mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and Cell Danger Response (CDR). Various therapeutic strategies to reinstate health, including manual therapies, electromagnetic therapies and supplementation will be discussed.

A significant part of the workshop, the second half of the day, is dedicated to a detailed and comprehensive look at the “sick house syndrome” and mold with discussions on origins, testing and detailed treatment plans including diet, life style and supplementation.

Participants will leave this workshop with practical knowledge and tools including protocols that can be applied immediately in their practice.

Now Included!

A comprehensive Q&A session has been added, to review questions practitioners have, in the week following the workshop. Date to be determined during the workshop with registrants.

• Recordings for both the workshop and the Q&A session are included in the fee.
• Sofia’s complete PowerPoint Deck is also included for registrants
• Complete protocols and strategies for use in practice, along with reference material, also included

Workshop Outline:

• Foundational understanding of healing: Pleomorphism or Terrain Theory
What is the Extracellular Matrix and its structure.
Major functions of the ECM
What is the link between ECM and Lymphatic System
Overview of the functions of the Lymphatic System
Symptoms of a dysregulated ECM
How to recognize symptoms of ECM dysregulation and Lymphatic System stagnation

Associated Tissues of the Lymphatic System:

–The GALT and Peyer’s patches and their role in chronic disease
–Radix edema. Draining the cysterna chyli

The Glymphatic System:

–What it is and its functions
–How do we know is not draining properly? Symptoms.

How Pathology Develops in the ECM/Lymphatics (Causative Factors):

1) Microbiome

2) Your Ecosystem of Life

3) Pathogens
–Parasitic, Viral, Bacterial, Fungal infections
–Viral infections of the Vagus Nerve

4) Environmental Exposures
–Chemicals: food, water, soil, breathing air, molds/mycotoxins,
–Heavy metals

5) Interference Fields
–Dental, sinuses, tonsils
–Cavitations and focal infections

6) Geopathic Stress and Electrosmog

7) Psycho-Emotional Health

8) Trauma History

In Practice Therapeutic Strategies To Balance and Drain the ECM and Lymphatic System

1) Hydration

2) Treating Infections and Binders

3) Drainage of the ECM and Lymphatics
–Manual therapies (practical self-aid and professional techniques)
–Topical applications
–Sleeping technique
–The role of coffee enemas

4) Supplemental Remedies

5) Electromagnetic Therapies
–Heliotherapy, Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT)
–Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

All About Molds “The Sick House Syndrome”

• Where is it coming from?
• Molds and mycotoxins, how mycotoxins affect mytochondria

1) Testing Options
–For homes (Canada and USA)
–Clinical evaluation of clients, red flags, labs
–Mold Questionnaire

2) Blocked Detox Pathways
–Mold and biliary ducts

3) Treatment Plan
–Life Style and tips for keeping mold away in your home
–Best air filtration and water filters, microbiome for your home
–Ozone therapy

4) Comprehensive Mold Detox Protocols
–Cell Danger Response (professor Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD,)
–MCAS (Mast cell activation syndrome). How to stabilize.
–General Strategy
–Includes Diet, Life style and Supplementation

We close the workshop with, what will be an intense, Q & A period! 🙂

Please review IHN’s Online Workshop Refund Policy & Code of Conduct

About the Presenter

Sofia Pistrila MSc, CNP

Sofia’s work as a passionate advocate and supporter of holistic health choices started more than 17 years ago with her own healing journey. After completing a Masters Degree in Science & Engineering and 18 years of working in the automotive industry, she experienced debilitating health problems. These multiple health issues resulted from working in a high stress environment which ignited her interest in holistic healing. Her willingness to look beyond the conventional brought her to The Institute of Holistic Nutrition where a determination to get healthy again became a passion to heal others.

After graduating from IHN in 2007 with First Class Honors she has had subsequent training in various functional medicine courses with pioneers in the field like dr. Robert Cass (The Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences) and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

With 15 years of clinical experience and over 13 years of teaching experience in the health field Sofia splits her full time work schedule between her private practice, mentoring new practitioners and teaching at IHN.

As the founder of Sofia Elena Health she offers evidence-based clinical nutrition consulting, functional testing (EAV testing, Gut testing, Hair analysis and Hormonal DUTCH urine testing) and complementary therapies like Reflexology, Reiki and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.