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Presenter: Heather Fraser MA, BA, B.Ed

A new law in Ontario seeks to pressure parents to comply with the government’s schedule of vaccines while the CMA has outright voted to lobby for mandatory vaccination of children. Why? In this presentation, Heather explores and deconstructs difficult but important questions: did vaccines ‘save us’ as the medical community insists? Are vaccines safe and effective for all children and adults? Why is there no screening of kidney or liver health or even mitochondrial function prior to vaccination?

As mortality and then morbidity of disease in western countries declined dramatically through the 20th century, chronic illnesses in children skyrocketed. How and why has peanut allergy become epidemic? Heather, whose son now 22 became anaphylactic by 6 months, will take a close look at the explosion of peanut allergy that happened suddenly, just in certain countries in the same window of time about 25 years ago.

Heather will explore the backgrounds to vaccines now being given to older children, teens and adults such as the HPV, influenza and shingles vaccines. Adverse outcomes such as atopy (eczema, asthma, hives) will be explored in some detail with a review of treatments available including TCM.

Key topics to be covered:

•  Vaccination history  and legislation in Ontario and Canada
•  Some history of early vaccination
•  Public policies in preventing and controlling disease
•  Rationale based on the concept of herd immunity
•  The expanding vaccine schedule for infants and children, teens and adults
•  Declining vaccination rates and government response
•  Vaccination legislation in Ontario, some history and recent dramatic developments
•  The role of the media in promoting the false “anti-vax vs. pro-vax” polemic

Vaccine safety and efficacy:

•  What is an adverse event following immunization (AEFI)?
•  Passive monitoring of adverse events: absence of data is an enormous problem
•  Issues with specific vaccines: MMR (measles), pertussis (DPT), polio and more
•  The vaccine business & the lack of vaccine consumer protections
•  Health Promotion and Protection Act, Health Care Consent Act, the role of the Charter of Rights
•  The Peanut Allergy Epidemic: how and why has it occurred and when will it end?
•  What are your legal rights if you or your children are injured by a vaccine?

Are there alternatives to these vaccines?:

•  HPV
•  Influenza
•  Shingles

Allergy treatment options:

•  Early treatments for ‘idiosycrasy’
•  ‘Discovery’ of allergy c. 1901
•  Western medical ‘discoveries’ in allergy
•  Western medical treatments: vaccines, oral immunotherapy
•  Should we be feeding peanut to children early?
•  Approaches to recovering from allergy outside allopathic medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Importance of preserving vaccine choice:

•  How the new laws on vaccination are impacting parents and the community as a whole in Ontario.
•  How can we preserve your right to decide what is injected into your child or yourself?

There will be a draw for two signed books.

Heather will also have a limited number of her books for sale and to sign at $25 each, cash.

About the Presenter

Some experiences can change the course of your life completely. In 1995, this happened to me when my one year old son reacted violently to a taste of peanut butter. Since then, I have been preoccupied with: recovering and maintaining his health and that of my family through natural means; and understanding how and why he had become atopic and anaphylactic to common foods in the first place. The answer to the last question became a book The Peanut Allergy Epidemic in which I unravel the story of how and why millions of children today have become peanut allergic. The third edition of The Peanut Allergy Epidemic (2017) contains a chapter on allergy treatments — past and present — and a glowing Foreword written by another allergy parent, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  In the Foreword, he writes: 

“Heather has done for allergies what Jared Diamond did for broader concepts of human history in his book, Guns, Germs and Steel. Although she is not a scientist, she used her gift for synthesizing a wide range of scientific disciplines and history to arrive at a simple, coherent, integrated, and common sense hypothesis that, for the first time, convincingly explains the sudden onset of the allergy epidemic. Her theory accounts for its steep rise in America in the early 1990s, and its subsequent movement from western nations into the developing world.”

Heather holds an MA from Queen’s University, and two Bachelor degrees including one in Education from the University of Western Ontario. In order to help recover her son from allergy, she has explored treatment options including TCM. She studied holistic nutrition at IHN and has learned several energy based modalities. 

www.heatherfraser.org       www.peanutallergyepidemic.com