Marilia Pereira CNP, RNCP/ROHP, CNE

A zest for life, positive attitude and giving spirit are at the core of this passion-driven nutritionist. Marilia Pereira is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Clinical Iridologist and Certified Reflexologist, with her private practice Fleurish Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle, working out of Three Tides Wellness in Waterloo, Ontario. Using orthomolecular nutritional therapies, she helps clients locally and worldwide, specializing in digestion, immune health, fertility, hormone health, sleep, and stress management.

Marilia’s interest in natural health and nutrition began in her teenage years when she struggled with digestive issues and skin problems. When modern medicine failed to help her, Marilia took her health into her own hands with research, and built her library of alternative medicine and holistic health books. After making a few simple changes like removing dairy, gluten and refined white flour foods from her diet in her early teens, her symptoms went away, she felt better and gained an inner confidence. Realizing the amazing benefits of wholesome nutrition and a few lifestyle changes, her passion for natural health grew, and so did the number of family members and friends who naturally gravitated toward Marilia for natural wellness advice. 

While her career started off in the corporate environment, from I.T. to finance, a trip to Vancouver, B.C. years ago shifted everything for Marilia and she gained a strong calling and drive to pursue something greater which combined her love for nutrition and interest in alternative medicine, as well as her desire and passion in helping people.  After much research, the answer was in holistic nutrition where Marilia attended the Institute of Holistic Nutritionist and graduated with honours and as valedictorian of her class.

Over the past 12 years Marilia has been helping people achieve their health goals with nutritional consultations, clinical iridology, meal plans, cooking workshops, holistic lifestyle solutions, corporate events, workshops, health retreats and seminars. Over the past couple of years she also included Foot Reflexology to her practice to further support clients and provide a natural hands-on therapy.

Marilia believes holistic health is more than just food and restrictive diets – it’s about restoring your health on a cellular level, using the power of nature, whole foods, herbs, supplements and wellness therapies, based on your individual biochemistry, to improve your health. You are what you eat, absorb, assimilate and eliminate. The goal is to use nourishing foods and holistic lifestyle solutions to establish healthy habits, empowering you to great health for a lifetime.

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