Student Spotlight July 24 2023

1. What brought you to study Holistic Nutrition at IHN?

I was on maternity leave and started having postpartum anxiety. It was completely taking over my life. I decided to keep myself occupied to be able to heal. I signed up to join as a Student For A Day to try it out. I fell in love! I ended up going full-time, completely. I want to help other women going through fertility issues like myself—pre and postnatal, endometriosis, postpartum and other hormonal conditions.

2. What course has been your favourite so far, and why?

My favorite course so far has been Symptomology Part 1. We learned so much about the practical side of the field. I learned so much with all of the practice tools that were provided for us in the course material, and our instructor’s incredible clinical knowledge.

3. Describe your best experience at IHN so far?

My favorite experience has been the organic farm visit. I went to volunteer to a local farm near my area, as part of the course. It was a biodynamic farm too. I loved every part of it. I did a lot of weeding in their greenhouses and learned a lot from the farmers while I was at it. I got to feed herbs to the cows too. It was wonderful.

4. What professions have you worked in prior to enrolling at IHN?

Prior to IHN, I have always worked in Human Resources. Either for the Canadian Forces, or the Federal Government. I also worked on social media marketing for a tree care service company, owned by my husband.

5. What degrees or academic achievements did you have prior to IHN?

I was studying at Concordia University to go into business school for HR, but I never ended up finishing the program.

6. What are your goals/aspirations as a CNP?

I would love to help women in regain their health, support their pregnancies, fertility, create solutions to hormone issues, postpartum and more.

7. What has been your personal best achievement?

I had two years of infertility. I have two large endometriomas on my ovaries, a blocked fallopian tube and low progesterone. I went through many treatments and nothing worked. I decided to change my lifestyle. I took a wholefood prenatal vitamin, other supplements to improve egg quality and reserve, eliminated all the plastic from my diet, ate completely organic, and a year later I was pregnant! It was a healthy pregnancy. I also got out of postpartum anxiety by, on my own, holistically.

8. What is something you overcame in your life, that you didn’t think you could?

I overcame the postpartum anxiety. I honestly thought I would be stuck there forever. I also never thought that I could get pregnant after the effort that I went through. I thought that the universe did not want to make me a mother but overcame that! I guess it was meant to be after all.

9. What is something about you that would surprise people?

I’m a really good cook! Almost as good as a Michelin Star Chef! I am very passionate about food and love eating delicious meals and trying out new recipes from cultural cookbooks.