Natalie Niedzialek BBA (Hons), CNP (Hons)

Natalie is a holistic nutritionist, Lagree (Pilates) trainer, and a digital marketing expert working with online health and wellness brands. She is the founder and owner of Natalie CNP, a private nutrition coaching practice that helps people gain control over their health. Natalie graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto in October 2013 with honours.

Having gone through her own struggles with a serious digestive autoimmune disorder that she is now able to successfully keep in remission without medication, Natalie has personally experienced the benefits of a holistic lifestyle and how it can significantly improve the well-being of those dealing with chronic health conditions. This includes not only physical health in terms of nutrition and exercise but mental and emotional well-being as well.

She now helps clients within her private practice to simplify their nutrition so that they can reach their health goals without overwhelm, deprivation/restriction, or breaking the bank. Natalie also understands that most of her clients are very busy people without the time to spend hours in the kitchen. Her ultimate goal is to make this process enjoyable and easily actionable.

Natalie helps her clients build a strong foundation of health by focusing on the basics for sustainable changes. She works to educate and empower her clients so that they can continue to make healthy choices and create a routine that works into the future without her support. She believes that healthy nutrition is more than just a specific diet, but a complete lifestyle including a positive mindset.

Natalie focuses primarily on general health, digestion including IBS and IBD, fitness nutrition, and autoimmunity. She also likes working with clients who are consistently working out or hitting the gym but still not seeing the results in their body that they had hoped for, whether that be weight loss or more muscle definition.

In addition to her private practice, Natalie is a Lagree instructor. Lagree is a high-intensity, low-impact work-out similar to Pilates and done on a megaformer machine which is like a reformer. Through this, she acknowledges the importance of physical exercise in combination with healthy nutrition and a positive mindset. She believes that both are essential for a truly balanced lifestyle.

Natalie also works with health and wellness brands that are looking to boost their marketing efforts online. She does this through various marketing strategies including content creation and social media. Natalie has also hosted multiple fundraiser events for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada and is an active supporter of this charitable organization.