Withdrawal and Refund Policy (Sacred Geometry):

• 100% refund is permitted before the first class starts minus a $50 + HST non-refundable administrative fee.
• There is no withdrawal or refund available after commencement of this course.

General Code of Conduct:

• IHN will not tolerate cheating, dishonesty in any form, misrepresentation, plagiarism, unethical behaviour, consistent tardiness and abusive language, and/or posting of IHN intellectual property on social media.
• When discovered, students may be dismissed from IHN, no tuition refund, any time for any of the above reasons.
• Use of cell phones or being in a space that breaks your concentration during class is not ideal as it interferes with your focus on content.
• Surfing the internet and using social media sites is equally obstructive of learning.

Passing Grades:

• A minimum of 70% as a passing grade is mandatory to be eligible to receive the Certificate of Completion.


• With the instructor’s prior consent, after a discussion with IHN Con Ed administration, students can make up a missed quiz or test with a maximum allowable grade of 70%.


• Only the original copy of an assignment etc. is acceptable. Students must keep a copy of each assignment on file until the original has been marked and returned.
• Plagiarism is a form of theft and it is considered a serious offense.
• Any assignment, etc. containing copied material without proper referencing of source(s) will receive an automatic grade of zero.
• Students must keep a copy of assignments until the original has been marked and returned.
• Appropriate academic format must be used.
• Hand-written assignments will not be accepted.
• Jointly written (group work) of any description is not permitted. All student submissions must be a representation of one’s own work. No assignments, digital or hard copy, are accepted after seven days past the due date, including weekends/holidays.

Plagiarism and Cheating:

• In any academic exercise, plagiarism occurs when one offers as one’s own work the words, data, ideas, arguments, calculations, or productions of another without appropriate attribution. This applies to all forms of work submitted by any student registered in the course.
• Any written and/or oral quiz, test, exam or assignment containing copied material without proper referencing of source(s) will receive an automatic grade of zero.
• Cheating on a quiz/test/exam/assignment is considered a serious offence.
• Offences will make the student ineligible to receive a Certificate of Completion but will be allowed to audit the remainder of the course.


• IHN has an open door policy regarding student concerns and requests.
• Students may make an appointment to see the Program Director, Campus Manager or Administrator, Program Advisor and/or Academic Advisor at any time.
• Please see administration for available appointment times.