Michelle Labrosse CNP, CPT

Michelle Labrosse was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) over a decade ago. In a desire to heal naturally, she was motivated to begin research that would have her heal on multiple levels. She became certified as a Personal Trainer and Pre & Post Natal Specialist to start a private practice and gain valuable coaching experience. She was hired at Goodlife Fitness in 2015, and shortly after, created her own membership based community called Eye Love Balance (ELB)

She continued her journey from movement to nutrition, and earned her Certified Nutritional Practitioner designation from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2018, graduating with Honours. She wanted to understand HOW what we put into our bodies, fundamentally impacts us. Through holistic, integrative and evidence-based strategies, she wanted to help others. It took a decade of dedication, to heal herself from her MS, and reach optimal health. Michelle is medication-free, against the advice of her previous neurologist, but with her acquired holistic knowledge, is living a healthy, active life! She uses her time to inspire others to learn how to live free of physical pain, and remove limiting beliefs that no longer serve them.

Michelle’s zone of genius is to coach individuals to move, stretch and meditate—and she does that LIVE, ONLINE & WEEKLY, within her ELB Membership Community. Three times a week you meet Michelle at 12:00 Noon (Eastern) and 8:00 pm Eastern every Sunday, to meditate. IHN Student Clinic students and their clients can contact Michelle with any questions or REGISTER HERE to get her workout, lifestyle, meditation and accountability program for half price.

Michelle committed to being Vegan shortly after her MS diagnosis, and believes that it played a huge role in why she was able to heal. She has been a well-known and recognized animal rights activist within the GTA for years. She partnered with Ray Cruzzola from World Change Media to campaign against industrialized animal agriculture through their organization called Light Up The Cities, with the purpose of using their spotlight to project important messages across city walls. She is also allied with organizations such as Anonymous for The Voiceless, DXE, ASM, PETA, NOTLS, MTV, TVA, AAM and has a fellowship with the Plant-Based Treaty to educate individuals on how to reduce their carbon footprint and care for their own health at the same time.