Jane Durst-Pulkys BSc, CNP, NNCP

Jane Durst Pulkys graduated with degree in Nutrition in 1981. She had a private practice and went back to study Holistic Nutrition from IHN in 2005. Since then she rebranded her practice, Creative Health for Life, to align with the ideologies of holistic nutrition. Jane writes, “I am passionate about leading my new colleagues, coming out of nutrition programs, to a successful career. I am excited to be collaborating as a Student Clinic Advisor with IHN where I can focus on the core of private practice, which is are nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle protocols, that change people’s lives. Everybody needs a mentor and I am dedicated to being of support as CNPs enter the field.”

Jane is frequent guest on TV and radio and is an author of the book titled The Book on Confidence, Standing Tall on the Inside. This book shares many of the tools and techniques Jane herself used and prescribed to countless clients to help them take control of their lives. “It is my personal goal for this book to teach people how to regain their self-worth—to expect the best, be the best, understand the importance of self-love and to live their life with total confidence from the inside out”.

Jane is a frequent speaker for fortune 500 companies and was introduced to Metabolic Balance in 2013. So far, she has helped close to 600 clients lose over 15,000 pounds. She has had such remarkable success with the program that she is the sole license holder for Metabolic Balance in Hong Kong. An exciting city that she travels to extensively, while at the same time maintaining all of her clients, in her home base of Toronto, Canada.

To mentor as many emerging peers as possible Jane created her latest online educational program called The Holistic Entrepreneur. The course promises to give new practitioners all the tools and resources they need to be an empowered entrepreneur ready to succeed in the crowded landscape of the wellness world. It doesn’t have to be daunting! With a handful of the right actions at the right times with the right attitude, a strong client list can be developed. Jane has proven her success over the past few decades, although it wasn’t a straight and smooth path to today, the lessons and teaching in this course will help new graduates avoid set-backs and road bumps and get them on their path to success right away.

Jane produced a comprehensive Live Blood Cell Training online course. She has been teaching this course for well over a decade in person and have had overwhelming response and requests to create an online course, with all in person-content, accessible from anywhere around the world. With high definition videos and pictures, and detailed course modules, students are able to learn at their own pace. The course includes: over five hours of detailed and professionally edited videos and audio; eight different modules and fifteen specific units. The units cover everything from how to attract clients and do client intakes, to using your microscope, analyzing and recommending protocols, and a whole lot more!; a 141-page course manual (downloadable PDF) covering all the theory and practical application a student needs.