Veronica is a Holistic Nutritionist with 15 years’ clinical and professional experience in various roles throughout the natural health industry including directing a 7-figure health food store and multi-disciplinary clinic for a decade and maintaining a private practice at capacity. In clinical practice, her primary areas of focus include pre-conception and fertility, prenatal, post-natal and pediatric nutrition; hormone balance; thyroid conditions; autoimmunity; mental health and addiction; and concussion and brain injury.

Veronica has held the position of Assistant Campaign Coordinator with the Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) since 2018 where she collaborates with a talented team to help protect Canadians’ rights to access natural health products and practices. Veronica demonstrates her dedication to education and mentorship in her role as a Culinary Nutrition Expert Program Coach at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and as a Student Clinic Advisor at IHN.

Veronica is also the founder and host of Networking Nutritionists⁠— a professional community created by Nutritionists, for Nutritionists. Veronica brings her diverse experience to Networking Nutritionists because she believes in the value of community. By coming together as fellow Nutritionists we can learn from each other, collaborate openly, accelerate our career growth, and uplift our industry!

Outside of her work as a Nutritionist, Veronica also describes herself as a mama, an avid reader, and an overall student-of-life. She is currently studying psychology while working toward earning a master’s degree in social work, and is excited for the ways she can incorporate what she’s learning into her clinical nutrition and mentorship roles.