The Journey Between Places And Exploring What Shows Up Along The Way

By Paula Anstett / Class of 2002

The Journey Between Places will awaken your intuition—the voice within that has so much to say. We are blessed to have access to formal education and the internet is an information highway. As we travel the path of more education and information, we are driven further into our heads and away from our hearts—the place that holds key knowledge.

Do you feel pressured to live a life that everyone tells you is worth living but doesn’t feel right to you?
Is your head telling you one thing and your heart, another?
Do you hear yourself constantly asking why?
Do you feel stuck and then criticize yourself for being stuck?

If any of these statements resonate with you, maybe your intuition is tugging at you. When you combine the wisdom from deep within, with what you are privileged to learn, you can create a life that feels right and is connected with your soul purpose.