Anti-Aging & Supplementation Program

Live and Online Continuing Education Course
Masterclass Launch & Collaboration with CNP Brett Hawes!

IHN is excited to be partnering with a comprehensive and advanced program, focused on one of the foundations of optimal health. This collaboration inaugurates our post-graduate education with a special offer. The program opens for registration Thursday October 1 with a registration deadline of Thursday October 22. The first LIVE class will be held on Tuesday November 3, 2020. Find complete details below!

Lessons Informed By Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine

We are launching our Continuing Education (Con Ed) course programming with the Digestive Health Practitioner Masterclass as we revamp our September 2020 Con Ed semester! We thought it fitting to begin with what we know is a key fundamental control centre of well-being, from an advanced practitioner’s body of knowledge. This welcome collaboration between The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and Brett was born out of the successful 5 Root Causes of Auto-Immune Diseases webinar held in August of 2020. The webinar was for holistic nutritionists working in the field to share clinical insights from his area of expertise in chronic and complex digestive issues. Brett launched the Digestive Health Practitioner Masterclass as an in-class program at IHN’s Toronto campus in July 2019. The feedback from that day was to take the training ONLINE and LIVE. The program is going to be made Evergreen in the near future but the offer will not extend beyond this launch. It’s open to all practitioners but only IHN graduates and current students* are offered the collaboration offer:

$100 off the price of the program + 30% off select IHN’s Con Ed courses


Key Features of The Program & IHN's Collaboration Offer

  • 4 Weeks of LIVE and ONLINE classroom training
  • $100 Off Regular Price for IHN'ers with Promo Code
  • 30% off IHN's Con Ed Courses Lab Diagnostics -OR- Understanding Genetics (some restrictions apply)
  • LIFETIME access to all program material, updates and replays
  • LIFETIME access to private practitioner group admin'd by Brett
  • Access content 24/7 from anywhere with dedicated App
  • 140 page “Digestive Health, The Practitioners Guide”
  • Fully referenced protocols and guidelines
  • Supplement protocols with brand names, dosages, best practices
  • Condition-specific done-for-you meal plans and therapeutic food lists
  • Learn about functional lab tests and their basic interpretation
  • Understand standard medical diagnostics in various digestive disorders
  • Learn standard medical treatments and drugs + nutrient depletions and supplement interactions
  • Therapeutic dosage guide of over 600 vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutraceuticals
  • A Certificate of Completion issued through IHN

Instructor: Brett Hawes CNP, CFMP

Brett is a 2006 IHN graduate and in 2016 got certified in Functional Medicine through Functional Medicine University in the US. He started his home based practicing just before graduating in 2006, helping people with basic health issues like weight loss, energy and digestive issues. He initially practiced Ayurveda almost exclusively then branched out into holistic and applied Iridology (Dr. Pesek and Dr. Jensen). He has done extensive work with First Nations and studied shamanic medicine. He has worked in integrative clinical settings with DCs, DOs, RMTs, NDs, TCM and Practitioners.

Brett has helped 1000's of clients overcome a wide variety of health issues in his 16 years of clinical practice. He runs a cloud-based online clinic with his primary focus being chronic and complex digestive issues, hormone health and autoimmune disease. He has been in-class faculty at the Toronto and Mississauga campuses of IHN for 14 years teaching Nutrition & Health: The Fundamental as well as Nutrition & The Environment. Recently, he launched IHN's online program teaching Fundamentals. Brett also mentors graduating students as a Student Clinic Advisor. His popular weekly podcast Holistic Health Masterclass is ranked in the top 200 alternative health podcasts in the world and reaches 1000’s of listeners in 57 countries each week. Brett is a long time personal rights and freedoms advocate who believes in individuals having access to natural health products and practices of their choice. He is considered an expert in the field of natural medicine and holistic health.

There is a thriving collective of CNPs who are producing powerful programming for both the public, their peers and natural health practitioners, worldwide. We are delighted to continue alignments with our amazing graduates, industry partners and proud to kick-off the advanced Con Ed courses with this collaboration. The material taught in this digestive health program is rooted in clinical nutrition and functional medicine. Practitioners will gain in-depth clinical insight into the most common digestive disorders and learn how to identify the root causes of each client individually. For each condition, clinicians will learn pathology, standard diagnostic methods, functional lab testing for gut health, therapeutic foods and meal plans, supplement protocols and drug/nutrient depletions. Brett’s landing page for this course outlines the full rationale behind the program, all of the support materials and the full body of knowledge you will earn from this masterclass.

Nutrition & Health: The Fundamentals
Human Anatomy & Physiology
Body Metabolism
Symptomatology 1 & 2

SESSIONS: 4 Tuesdays
DATES: November 3, 10, 17, 24 2020 
TIME: 6:30 – 9:30 pm (Eastern)
Included. Digestive Health: The Practitioners Guide (mailed to you upon registration)

Thursday October 1, 2020
Thursday October 22, 2020

With IHN discount applied
897.00 + HST (payment in full) or 3 installments of $344.00
*$100 non-refundable deposit upon registration

Link to Enroll below!
— IHN will consider non-graduate healthcare professionals based on the relationship as IHN’s Faculty or Employer and Co-operative Education Partners

Brett Hawes at
Julia Rickert at

There is a $100.00 + HST non-refundable deposit due upon registration. If you are not satisfied with the program, you may request a full refund (minus the $100 non-refundable administration fee) after the first week’s lesson. Refunds will not be issued after the commencement of week 2 of the program. Refunds might take up to 4 weeks to process. Please also be sure to read our full terms and conditions here