Brett Hawes CNP

Brett is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist with 15 years of clinical experience. His primary areas of focus include chronic and complex digestive issues, hormone health and autoimmune disease.

He was lead faculty at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition for 12 years and now works as a Student Clinic Advisor. He sits on the Science Advisory Board for Uforia Science (DNA-based supplementation and nutrigenomics), is the Chief Advising Clinician for The Detox Project (focus on glyphosate testing and detoxification) and also does product education for Black Oxygen Organics, Mega Food, Botanica Health and Host Defense Mushrooms.

Brett continues his dedication to education and health via his online platform, Holistic Health Masterclass – where he delivers a combination of online programs and weekly podcasts.

His practitioner-focused programs include “Mastering the Art of the Solo Practitioner” (a 90-day program that teaches practitioners how to set up and run a successful practice) and “Digestive Health – The Practitioners Guide”; an immersive 1-day workshop that shows practitioners how to heal chronic and complex digestive issues in practice. He has recently launched his practitioner mentorhsip platform, Holistic Health Live.

Brett has appeared in numerous media publications and interviews both online and in print and regularly tours Canada and the US doing talks and lectures. He is regarded as an expert in Natural Medicine.