Cindy Solkin BA, MA, CNP

Cindy is a CNP and graduate from the IHN Vancouver campus. She is a personal life coach and Pilates instructor with more than fifteen years’ experience as a complimentary health practitioner. She is also certified in Aromatherapy, Bach remedy therapy and Guided Imagery.
Cindy was born into a romance with food and started working in professional kitchens at an early age. She struggled with her weight and various health issues, which led her to seek out a healthier lifestyle and introduced her to holistic nutrition.
Cindy considers it her mission to help others find a path to health and wellness.
By combining her professional skills and personal experience, Cindy developed Freedom from the Fridge, a signature wellness program designed to free people from emotional eating, physical discomfort, poor health, and find their way back to a natural, harmonious way of eating. Through this work she supports others in reconnecting with their bodies, readjust their appetites and find their true joy.
Cindy teaches Comparative Diets at the IHN Vancouver campus.

  • CD 011 Comparative Diets

    This course provides a holistic model methodology in evaluating principles of food dynamics, nutrient proportions, holistic individuality, the law of opposites, food combining, and more. Students learn and assess the many therapeutic benefits and limitations of several alternative diet approaches, including: modern diets (intermittent fasting, macrobiotics), food combining (colour-therapy/rainbow diet), high protein diets (Ketogenic, Paleo), Vegetarian approaches (plant-based/vegetarian/vegan variations, fruitarian, raw food), as well as cleansing and detoxification diets (caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine detoxes, juice fasts). With the knowledge gained in this course, students will be able to identify individual's dietary imbalances, and analyze macronutrient proportions to design custom health-promoting diets and lifestyle programs.