Direct Feedback From CNPs & Allied Practitioners

Hello Rob and Silvana!

Happy New Year from the Blaneys. Just a praise update after I saw you both last, I was told through a mammogram that I had 10 growths in total and my breast tissue seems to be cancerous, but I refused to do the biopsy as per the last conversations I had with you both. I prayed and continued to follow your cleanse/maintenance detox. Last month here in Florida I was told I only have 2 masses and they are nothing concerning just hormonal changes. Tissue seemed cleared and there is nothing to worry about anymore. Praise God.

Thank you both for all your help and guidance, wish we can have your practice here.

Abir Blaney CNP, Cir

Hi Rob

Yes, some days are up to 8 people! I think I built it up with just referrals lately as I really haven’t marketed (trade shows have been canceled for the pandemic). And of course, the modality is really helping people (using your protocols help)  and they are seeing results so they tell everyone. Hopefully it continues this way. 

Have a great weekend, 

Marcello Di Carlo, CNP, R.BIE, C.IR

Good morning!

I hope that you had a great weekend! I am happy right now, I have to share — over the weekend, I received updates from two of my clients, each telling me how BIE has made such a huge difference in their lives.  One of the clients came to be because she reacts to her boyfriend’s cats. She was taking prescribed antihistamines. Also, she reacts to dairy, but absolutely LOVES cheese, especially on pizza. After just two sessions of working on cats and cheese, she has experienced a big turn-around. She was so grateful for the results! My other client also had issues with cats. Up until she saw me, she also thought eggs were an issue. For a very long time, she was careful with eggs. After doing some muscle testing, we saw that she was actually fine with eggs alone. It was the cluster of eggs + olive oil that was an issue. She recently signed onto a new rental lease, where she is living with her roommates 4 cats without any symptoms. And, she is very happy to know she can eat eggs without issues now. I am very thankful to have found BIE and to be practicing it! I hope to help as many people as I can with this amazing modality. Amazing stuff!

I hope that you have a great day and rest of the week!

Jennifer Ide R. BIE, CNP, MSc, BSc

Hi everyone!

Another lady today – been working for 3 visits because she was having eye problems and threat of retina detachment that she was terrified about… Today, she came from the specialist and he confirmed that her retina is perfect and there is no concern there… woo hoo… thank you BIE… Have a lovely evening…

I am Blessed.. 

Marcia Rodrigues CNP, R.BIE


Here’s a story for you – I’ve been working on this client for awhile now, but she has seen plenty of holistic health practitioners, including Live Blood Cell Microscopy. One of the things that has been a problem for her has been mold, which was confirmed in her live blood cell analysis months ago before starting with me. So we¹ve gotten far enough along that we could now tackle that one. We wanted to wait until she was okay to withstand any possible detox effects. So we worked on the molds with the BIE using vials in the kits as well as some samples she had from her house. And then she saw her Live Blood Cell Microscopist about 3 days later – where they observed her white blood cells going after the mold in her system!! Super cool! Needless to say, the validation and true visual confirmation was an outstanding boost – for both of us!

Have an awesome day,

Sheila Chevalier CNP, R.BIE

Hi Rob,

I think you’ll love this story. I’m practicing BIE with my friend who had a stroke and was in a car accident a long time ago. Immediately after finishing a session of working with many cranial nerves, she felt a flow of energy and an “activated” feeling in the exact areas of the nerves worked on, like the feeling of a warm drink moving down the esophagus, in those parts of her head. She can see auras and their colours, so she is sensitive enough to feel her own energy. Today she says she feels more, sees more, and sleeps better. 

Pretty neat!

Jenna Bishop CNP, R.BIE

To my amazing BIE family, 

As I reflect on my time spent working at the clinic for the past year and a half, I find myself feeling incredibly grateful and blessed to have worked with such talented and knowledgeable practitioners who are passionate about helping everyone around them. I am truly inspired by your commitment to continued learning and your willingness to encourage and support each other. You have all made me feel so welcome and valued. I will especially miss hearing your great stories, both personal and professional. You will all hold a special place in my heart no matter where I am in the world. I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone and wish you all nothing but the best.


Mandy Stratton CNP, R.BIE


Hi Rob!

I recently finished up with a young girl who has EOE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis) and she has had amazing results!!  Yay for BIE!  Her mom is so thrilled and wants to share this with her EOE community and was hoping there might be more than just her testimonial to back her up.  Do you have any or know of anyone who might be willing to share theirs related to EOE? 


Marcie Doughty CNP, R.BIE



As a registered BIE practitioner and CNP, I absolutely love my job! The clients come to me and trust me with their well being. This is a huge responsibility that I do not take for granted. With BIE, finding the stressor, the thing that makes them feel unwell gives me such joy to know that I can making them symptom free. When they leave the first visit, they are motivated, they are inspired and they literally feel a difference. I love watching their eyes light up in awe.  When they return, they want more.  They believe in the process, trust the process because really this all came from themselves. Their energy, we just helped.  

I never imagined how balanced they would become with so many of their culprits.  Digestion, heartburn, sleep, bad periods, PCOS, blood sugar imbalances, cholesterol, vitamin deficiencies, anxiety, seasonal allergies, and food intolerances. These are just to name a few.  When you get to more chronic conditions you again in amazement how much better they can feel, all by BIE.   We are able to help them and beyond. When they come in for a session, we can work with multiple stressors at the same time.  As you see their transformation, all that energy within them come to life, you watch them flourish before your eyes.  It truly is a blessing.

From this session, they go home, talk with their loved ones, their friends, out for dinner and they talk about you.  In a positive way. They sometimes can’t explain it, but somehow it gets understood that they are in such a better place.  So, you are referred and before you know it.  Your day is full of clients.  

My income is growing. I am growing my clientele and developing my reputation. I love it when I introduce my self and say that I am a BIE practitioner and the same line is said, “what is BIE?” As you explain, they are intrigued, curious and most importantly they trust the process.

BIE has changed my life. I know this is what I am meant to do. Staying updated monthly has also been a great support with the webinars. It is defiantly an investment I am grateful each and everyday.


Lisa Codispoti  CNP, R.BIE


Hi Rob and Silvana,

May you be blessed with health and abundance!

Thank you for creating such an incredible modality and making such a huge positive impact in this world. 

Enjoy your day to the fullest and may this be your best year yet! 

With so much appreciation, gratitude, and respect,

Evelina Hovich CNP, R.BIE


Robert, Silvana and Brittney

I have a few questions for you but first I just wanted to say, Thank You again. I don’t know that I can express my gratitude for all you do!

Not only making this modality a reality but, for the behind the scenes support and trainings as well. I feel BIE is the missing link in many areas of healthcare, preventive care, veterinary care etc. All three of you know that but it is always nice to hear someone else refresh that thinking for you.

Ashley Nadeau RHN, R.BIE


I had a patient who came yesterday with her lab results.  She believes that the changes on her results are due to BIE.  She will take new labs in 3-6 months and we see again the improvement from her body healing.  She is very encouraged by her results.  I wanted to share the good news with you.  

Have a great day!

Dr. Staci Mysko B.Ed, D.Ac, R.Ac, R.BIE, Dr.Ac


Heyyyy guys!! 

My Dad just got his blood work back for his regular cholesterol check up… 

He was always in the 6.0 range for the last 15 years.  He never went on meds but 15 years ago he went to a dietician weighing 155 lbs.  After following their program he dropped to 140 lbs in three months.  His cholesterol went from a 6.0 to a 5.2.  The nurse said that was fantastic to do within three months but he felt WAY too thin.  Over time he went back to his regular eating habits – not good (meat, fish, potatoes, breads, deep fried food, limited veggies and fruit, wine, juice, beer, coffee).  He purposely didn’t change his diet when I started working with him with BIE.  His newest blood work came in and he’s at 3.4!!! AMAZING right?? And I’m telling you he has the worst diet (I try to tell him to change it all the time)!  Even when he eats fish, he eats it with BREAD! 

I’ll show you a copy of his blood work tomorrow.

P.S – He can’t wait to tell my Uncle, yayy! 

Carolyn Crewson CNP, R.BIE


Hi Rob,

Wouldn’t that be amazing though if we could just put these disease vials on the machine and have the body heal itself from them!! I think I may put them on the plate, anyway, in case there is the remotest chance it may make a difference. I am still in awe of the ‘magic’ that happens with BIE!

Thank you again… for everything!

Irene Piotrowicz BA, CNP, ROHP, R.BIE


Hi Rob!


I gave my first health talk on Iridology and BIE on Tuesday and it went extremely well. Got 3 clients out of it that night! 

I just wanted to say thank you again for all that you have done for me. It is greatly appreciated. Iridology and BIE resonate so deeply with my soul that I know I have found my calling.

See you soon.

Crystal McIntyre CNP, R.BIE, C.Ir

Hi Robert, Silvana and Brittney,

My practice is growing every month and I have you to thank for that!  My clients are happy and healthy and I love what I do! Thank you for BIE!

All the best for this year!!!

Andrea Bortolussi CNP, R.BIE