Everyone Needs Care

Join us on a day with a Personal Support Worker and her young son who provide care for diverse people living with dementia in our community as well as for their own elders at home. Discover that dementia affects how people experience and interact with the world but it does not erase their feelings and personhood. You will see that caring takes many forms, from connecting with someone in the moment to asking for help and taking care of yourself. Everyone Needs Care is a loving ode to appreciating caregiving and self-care, finding hope and meaning in life’s struggles, demystifying dementia, nurturing compassionate community, and celebrating cultural diversity in children’s literature.

Peak Season

Packed with 101 enticing and accessible recipes, Peak Season showcases how to make the most of seasonal Ontario produce when it’s freshest!

In Peak Season, Deirdre Buryk explores this simple idea and celebrates Ontario’s seasonal bounty as she guides you through each month of the year. While cooking your way through this beautiful collec­tion of 101 recipes, you’ll learn how to perfectly prepare fiddleheads in April, to then add to a Garlic Mushroom Fiddlehead Frittata; or peel what looks to be an intimidating, knobby celeriac on the coldest December evening, which will transform into a dish of Creamed Celeriac & Potatoes.

Deirdre gives you the chance to explore local ingredients with­out intimidation. After all, cooking with peak produce means sim­ple ingredients shine when effortlessly prepared. Dishes like Roasted Delicata Squash with Sage Salsa Verde and Strawberry Shortcake Scones taste better because they’re made with the freshest fruits and vegetables. The simplest recipe cooked with peak produce—think roasted radishes or garlic scape pesto—will excite your taste buds, turning something basic into something remarkable.

Peak Season upholds the importance of cooking with ethically raised meat, poultry, fish, and eggs with dishes like Apricot BBQ Sticky Ribs, Baking-Sheet Coq au Vin, and Crispy Salmon on Cantaloupe Ribbons & Salty Potato Crisps. Filled with stunning photography and charming illustrations, this book will inspire you to cook with fresh ingredients available right outside your door and leave you feeling confident that it will all work out deliciously.

Passageways to Wellness

Passageways to Wellness provides a blueprint for lifestyle, dietary, and other changes to boost your outlook and outcomes. The process is a unique way to open new doors to self-awareness and life improvement, from career development to personal relationships, to enhance well-being and work proactively and preventatively for better health. Learn what drives you, which changes to make, and how to Eat to Be Well to reach optimum mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. Recipes and nutritional guidance included for your personality/character type.

“This book has a wealth of information and is a go-to guide to a healthy life…” Sidney Catherine Hooper

Hold it Through the Curves

With poignant candor, humor and thought-provoking articles, essayist and blogger Daniela Henry, writes about emotional and powerful thoughts, parenting, travels, books and inspiration while chronicling her life with her own ups and downs. Smart, edgy, hilarious, sometimes raw and unabashed raunchy, Henry explodes onto the printed page in third first book. You will learn about minimalism, parenthood, life and how to be happy because you only have this one shot.

Empowered by Food: Heal your hormones, balance stress and become unstoppable

You’ve never settled for the status quo. You know you need to make your health a priority so you can chase your dreams in a body you’re wild about. You also get that what you put in your body can make or break your day. But if all it took was another green smoothie, you would’ve reached your goal by now. The truth is, you don’t need another WHY. You just need a HOW. Empowered by Food: Heal Your Hormones, Balance Stress, and Become Unstoppable gives you that hearty dose of real, practical advice to unleash your energy and remind you what it means to take care of yourself…inside and out.

Whether you’re a high-level executive, a hustling entrepreneur, or a mom ready to get back into the workforce, Empowered By Food gives you no-nonsense, action steps to ditch perfectionism, love yourself healthy, and feel confident and energized in the boardroom—and the bedroom.

The Journey Between Places And Exploring What Shows Up Along The Way

The Journey Between Places will awaken your intuition—the voice within that has so much to say. We are blessed to have access to formal education and the internet is an information highway. As we travel the path of more education and information, we are driven further into our heads and away from our hearts—the place that holds key knowledge.

Do you feel pressured to live a life that everyone tells you is worth living but doesn’t feel right to you?
Is your head telling you one thing and your heart, another?
Do you hear yourself constantly asking why?
Do you feel stuck and then criticize yourself for being stuck?

If any of these statements resonate with you, maybe your intuition is tugging at you. When you combine the wisdom from deep within, with what you are privileged to learn, you can create a life that feels right and is connected with your soul purpose.

Healthy Homemade Soups and Sandwiches

Are you looking for a nutrient-dense meal that is super cheap? Soup is a super inexpensive way to get more veggies and nutrients into your diet. It is packed with healing herbs that can reduce inflammation, ease digestion, and provide antioxidant support. Studies have found that soup consumption can even help with weight management!

Jesse Lane Wellness Cookbook: Healthy Homemade Soups & Sandwiches contains over 30 holistically delicious soup and sandwich recipes (with stunning images) that are easy to prepare.It also contains information of how to properly freeze and reheat soups, explains the downfalls of canned soups, and provides the nutritional breakdown of fresh, frozen and canned veggies.

Get your copy here https://www.jesselanewellness.com/healthy-homemade-soups-sandwiches/

Healthy Fresh Salads

Have you ever found yourself thinking “I need to be more creative with veggies”? This is a common complaint I hear a lot from my clients and readers. Everyone knows they need to be eating lots of veggies, but the thought of eating another salad made with lettuce from a bag and store bought dressing makes everyone want to yawn with boredom.

That is why I created Healthy Fresh Salads. It contains over 30 exciting and fresh gluten-free salad recipes. The recipes are all “fresh”, not only are they created using fresh veggies, but they are also inspired, creative and anything but boring. It also contains information on why it is important to eat the rainbow, nope not Skittles, but a variety of colourful vegetables. It explains how to properly clean your veggies and talks about Genetically Modified Organisms and why we should avoid them. I also wrote a chapter with tips and tricks on how to buy fresh produce without spending tonnes of money.

Get your copy here https://www.jesselanewellness.com/healthy-fresh-salads/

21 Day Smoothie Guide

Want to jump on the smoothie bandwagon but don’t know where to start? Recently, smoothies have been all the rage with everyone and their grandma making them in an effort to improve their health. The problem is you might be making common smoothie mistakes and creating a drink that is not only unhealthy but contributing to weight gain!

Holistic in the City 21 Day Smoothie Guide contains 21 delicious smoothie recipes made with love by 7 IHN grads. It also has lots of information including our basic smoothie formula, the answer to the age-old debate of juicing vs smoothies and what to look for when buying protein powder.

Get your copy here https://www.jesselanewellness.com/holistic-city-21-day-smoothie-guide/

The Undiet Cookbook


The UnDiet Cookbook is a collection of Meghan’s tastiest and healthiest recipes, from life-fueling juices, smoothies and breakfasts, to everyday staples and condiments, to mouthwatering entrées and delectable desserts—and everything in-between, including tips for entertaining, edible beauty, and travel. With her signature style and voice, Meghan introduces readers to the UnDiet world: an inspiring lifestyle that doesn’t mandate any one way of eating, cleansing, or dieting—only beautiful, nourishing, radiant living.

Healthy Dairy Free Desserts


“Let’s be serious, dessert is still dessert, but this cookbook contains yummy, dairy free dessert recipes that are so healthy you can enjoy them for breakfast!

They are made using whole food ingredients that nourish your body and leave you feeling light and energized.

The dairy free desserts in this cookbook are also high in fiber, an important nutrient that slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream. This helps avoid a sugar high, which is inevitably followed by a crash. Fiber basically makes sure your energy levels stay balanced.

In this cookbook, I teach you how to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt!

Use my healthy baking substitutes and guide to sugar alternatives to turn your favourite dessert recipes into healthy treats. With this knowledge, you will never have to use refined sugar or flour again!”

Plant-Based Diet for Dummies


The benefits of a plant-based diet have been publicized far and wide, and you can no longer deny it—you’re fully ready to experience the health benefits of this lifestyle. Plant-Based Diet For Dummies has been created to help even the most stubborn carnivores adapt to and even learn to find joy in a plant-based diet. Besides providing useful tips, delicious recipes, and meal ideas, this lively resource discusses all you have to gain from adopting healthier eating habits, including a decreased risk for cancer, a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, a lower cholesterol count and blood pressure, and a lower risk, and prevention, of diabetes. A meat-free lifestyle has many benefits for your body, and author Marni Wasserman takes you on a journey of discovery into the exciting world of fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods.

A plant-based diet, while similar to vegetarian and vegan diets, is different in that it allows an individual to experience the benefits of vegetarianism without focusing on the politics of a meat-free lifestyle. This book takes the mystery out of adopting better food habits and making better meal choices. It shows you how to stock your kitchen, cook fantastic meals, and discover the wealth of delicious ingredients at your fingertips.

Discusses how to improve energy, lower cholesterol, and protect the body’s cells, all through better diet options
Includes more than 40 mouthwatering recipes and sample menu plans
Gives specific advice and instructions for athletes, those battling illnesses, expectant parents, seniors, and children
Covers which plant foods are good sources of fat, protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber
Get healthy, lose weight, and feel great on a plant-based diet.

The Paleo Diabetes Diet Solution


I wrote this book to help you understand blood sugar and how what you eat really matters. I mean, really matters. One of the key themes of this book is that the food we eat is the single most important influence on our health. Food is so much more than the sum of its parts. It is the information we give our bodies that gets translated in to cellular instructions that control our health and our disease patterns.

The information in the first half of this book will help you understand how blood sugar works in the body and how the paleo approach to eating (or ancestral way of eating) can help you restore healthy blood sugar function and halt, if not reverse, the health consequences of blood sugar dysfunction and type 2 diabetes. You will also learn how to navigate eating away from home, how to read and understand food labels and how to stock your pantry with foods that will restore your health.
The second half of the book ties everything together with delicious paleo-inspired recipes that will leave you satisfied and finally in control of your blood sugar.

Joyous Detox


Bestselling author, blogger, TV personality and holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy has created your complete detox lifestyle plan in her new book Joyous Detox, along with 100 incredibly delicious detox-friendly recipes to feel vibrant every day!

Living in Light


Living in Light is a story fuelled by the belly, told from the heart. An emotional journey of a struggle with eating disorders and anxiety while learning to embrace the truth. With 50 holistic recipes, it reads like a novel, functions like a cookbook — an essential read for anyone learning to build a healthy relationship with food, nutritionists and holistic soul-searchers.

14-Days Ayurvedic Aromatherapy E-Course

The 14 Days Ayurvedic Aromatherapy E-Course teaches you about Ayurveda, the concept of Dosha, and how to use Essential oils Dosha and Chakra Balancing. Additionally it provides information about essential oils for Pain Relief, Emotional and Physical Healing. If you are new to Ayurveda or Essential oils or you want to learn how to effectively use these oils this e-course is perfect for you! Learn – how, where, and when to use these precious oils, how these oils protect the immune system, improve mood, and reduce stress/anxiety. What oils are suitable for your Ayurvedic body type and EOs that assist in first aid, soothe headaches, and relieve pain. Additionally, we will discuss aches, acne, allergies, asthma, rashes, burns, hair loss, colds, and coughs.


Finally, a radically new, remarkably sane breakthrough program to achieve the lifelong body, fitness and happiness you deserve! No gimmicks, no fads, no calorie counting, no meal plans. The Change4Good program is a new way of thinking about food, life and yourself. It’s based on science, it’s controlled by you, it’s flexible, simple and it’s definitely not torture. Use the Change4Good tools, tips and guidance to change the way you think about food. Whether its five pounds to lose or three hundred, the radically new, but remarkably sane, Change4Good program will help you gain control of your weight permanently. Eat delicious life building, brain- powering real food…and, in moderation, even your favorite treats. It works because you’re not just looking at what you put into your mouth but what you put into your life. Join the hundreds of doctors, lawyers, corporate chieftains, dancers, athletes and stay at home moms and dads whom Lauren has coached to success. Developed by Canada’s renowned wellness expert, Lauren Jawno, the Change4Good program will help you to stop torturing yourself with food and start living your most satisfying life.

The Book On Confidence: The Complete Guide to Standing Tall on the Inside

What would you do if you felt nothing was holding you back from living your dreams and being the best you can be? In this book, Jane Durst Pulkys provides an in-depth look at how our past has shaped our lives today. Jane grew up a child with zero confidence, surrounded by eight brothers and sisters and struggling to find her self. After setting out on a personal mission to accrue total confidence, Jane now proudly lives with a renewed sense of joy and love for life.

This book shares many of the tools and techniques Jane herself used and prescribed to countless clients to help them stand tall and to take control of their lives. “It is my personal goal for this book to teach people how to regain their self-worth — to expect the best, be the best, and to live their life with total confidence from the inside out,” says Jane Durst Pulkys.

Earthly & Divine: Whole Recipes for a Healthy World

Earthly & Divine offers a generous collection of contemporary vegan and yogic lacto-vegetarian recipes from breakfast to snacks and deserts. It includes both ample examples of cutting-edge raw dishes for the advanced health food enthusiast and more traditional and easy-to-follow recipes for anyone transitioning into a plant-based diet. Plenty of health tips are offered as well as basic principles of healthy ingredient choices. As purity and nourishing qualities are the main theme, no canned or processed foods have found their place in these recipes. By following them, you will find yourself shopping, cooking and eating more consciously and ecologically.

Thirteen Moons: Seasonal Recipes to Nourish and Inspire

For many years, Louise’s clients, including many non-vegetarians, begged her to put together a collection of her gourmet vegetarian recipes so they could share the fabulous Thirteen Moons food experience with family and friends. Still selling well after seven years in publication, this practical spiral-bound 216 page vegetarian cookbook contains over 140 wheat-free vegetarian recipes, several gluten-free recipes, and more. The Thirteen Moons cookbook teaches you how to effortlessly prepare truly enticing vegetarian meals, from comforting soups to luscious desserts. More importantly, you will be guided toward an inspiring and empowering philosophy about the foods you eat.

How to Live Without the Nine Biggest Problem Foods Affordably and Conveniently

Rose Marie began sharing the recipes she had developed for herself, and ultimately, these sharings turned into a practical guidebook for those with food sensitivities who are short on time and money. How to Live Without the Nine Biggest Problem Foods Affordably and Conveniently is more than just a cookbook: it contains recipes, meal ideas, an alphabetical guide to the most affordable and effective homemade remedies, and much more. All its recipes are free of gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, corn, peanuts, and many other common food allergens.


When you make your own baby food from wholesome ingredients that are naturally rich in nutrients, you are setting the stage for a pattern of healthy eating for life. Preparing food at home allows you to create delicious flavours and pleasing textures while introducing your child to the healthful benefits of nutrient variety. The Best Baby Food features 125 recipes highlighting creative cooking techniques that transform nutritious whole foods into first foods your baby will love. Each recipe is simple to follow and contains a complete nutritional analysis. There is also discussion of some topics that many new parents have concerns about including allergies, organics, GMOs and gluten

Munch, Yum, Grow!


Munch, Yum, Grow! – Healthy snack recipes that are quick and easy to make for parents and children who are on the go. Over 25 kid taste-tested snacks developed by nutritional consultants to promote healthy growth in children. Includes nut-free, gluten-free and lactose-free recipes. You’ll find advice on how to get your kids to eat more nourishing foods. Each recipe includes nutritional information as well as a fun food fact or helpful tip. Other great tools include a shopping list, birthday party ideas, an ingredient substitution chart, food charts and a glossary of terms at the back of the book.

Fermenting for Dummies

Fermentation is what makes foods like beer, pickles, and sauerkraut delicious—and nutritious. Fermented foods are chock-full of probiotics that aid in digestive and overall health. In addition, the fermentation process also has been shown to add nutrients to food, making already nutritious food even better! Fermenting for Dummies provides step-by-step information for cooks, homesteaders, farmers, and food lovers of any kind who want to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for arguably the oldest form of food preservation.

Plant-Based Diet For Dummies has been created to help even the most stubborn carnivores adapt to and even learn to find joy in a plant-based diet. Besides providing useful tips, delicious recipes, and meal ideas, this lively resource discusses all you have to gain from adopting healthier eating habits, including a decreased risk for cancer, a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, a lower cholesterol count and blood pressure, and a lower risk, and prevention, of diabetes. Author Marni Wasserman takes you on a journey of discovery into the exciting world of fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods.

UnDiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health

UnDiet is a fabulous, practical, and modern guide to true health from a fresh and engaging certified nutritionist with an inspiring and transformational message. Without ever using the word “diet,” Meghan Telpner encourages readers to make major life changes small step by small step with help from the latest nutritional science, a fun and encouraging voice, and an “abundance mindset.” Ideal for those seeking a gluten-free, plant-based meal plan and an accessible path to health.

Joyous Health: Eat & Live Well without Dieting

Joyous Health is a fresh new approach to eating that will change the way you think about food and what you eat, offering a simple and practical path to creating a healthy lifestyle. Holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy, creator of the popular blog Joyous Health, explains how to eat and live joyously with amazing results, both inside and out. Joyous Health celebrates eating delicious, clean whole foods. Featuring beautiful color photography, the book contains 80 recipes with pure ingredients and tasty combinations, including Carrot Cake Smoothie, Coconut Flour Banana Pancakes, Thai Beet Soup, Curry Chicken Burgers and Double Chocolate Gluten-Free Cookies.

Get Naked in the Kitchen

This cookbook will transform your relationship with food. This is not your average cookbook. Here’s why: The Author, Briana Santoro, has pulled together the best experts in the industry to share their passion for food. By all coming together in one cookbook we show people that there isn’t one right way of eating and that choosing what to eat doesn’t need to be complicated. When we eliminate the judgment, the confusion, and the pressure, we create space to have a relationship with food that is powerful and vivacious! This book gives you the space and tools to create that relationship.

Get The Gunk Out – Simply Healthy Habits. Life Changing Results.

Get the Gunk Out is exactly what you need to achieve your health goals. This book allows you to make choices that suit your specific needs. Certified Nutritionist Shannon Kadlovski reveals secrets about twenty-one simple habits that will enable you to sustain a healthy lifestyle long-term. You will learn how to eat healthy without breaking the bank, how to effectively eliminate the stress and confusion that is often associated with healthy living, and learn how to look and feel amazing without ever counting calories or grams of fat – even with a busy, hectic lifestyle.

Low Fat Raw Vegan Recipes: A New Approach to Fruits & Vegetables | Low Fat Raw Vegan Dinners: Simple & Gourmet Recipes

The Low Fat Raw Vegan e-books were written to showcase the versatility of simple produce, and encourage your own experimentation in the kitchen. Recipes focus on high carbohydrate, low fat, salt-free meals inspired by the 80/10/10 diet. Whether you are planning on transitioning to raw vegan, or simply looking to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, these books will suit your needs. Enjoy recipes that will satisfy your high-fat, cooked food cravings without the guilt!

Weighing Love

Weighing Love reads in three different ways: as an autobiography, and essay on ruthless self-love and a practical handbook to help readers overcome their own personal hurdles. Paula uses some of her own story and letters from her childhood to demonstrate the hell that we create in our own minds, the pain we force ourselves to suffer and our struggle for a non-existent thing we call perfection. Ultimately, Weighing Love was written to help anyone dealing with eating disorders, self-esteem issues, body image issues, negativity in their minds or anyone who is trying to be in touch with their authentic self.