Andrea Barbuto

Andrea Barbuto


Graduation Date: October 2018

Most Memorable Moment at IHN:
Sitting in Fundamentals of Nutrition class and learning about how we digest food. I remember thinking that I had never heard anything so fascinating or exciting in all my life! I ran home that day and explained the steps to anyone that would listen! I knew then I was in the right place.

Favourite Class at IHN and Why:
Professional Skills Development. This class really taught me about the power and importance of vulnerability. I recall one exercise where we had to stand at the front of the class without speaking for an entire minute, which evidently, is a very long time when you are silent! All you were asked to do was stand there really uncomfortable and stare at 30 sets of eyes staring back at you. This was perhaps the first time in my life I had felt, seen and was completely vulnerable. This was the class I couldn’t stay in my safe space. It made me push through all kinds of personal fears and boundaries and was by far the most rewarding course. The real world of starting your own business is often full of very uncomfortable situations and as an entrepreneur you are constantly having to step outside of your comfort zone. Professional Skills Development helped me prepare and shaped my mindset so that I am better equipped to face these challenges.

Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition:
Andrea is the founder of Wild Culture Ferments, a fermented food business that manufactures and sells naturally fermented and probiotic-rich sauerkraut and kimchi, using organic local and wild crafted ingredients. Each batch is lovingly handcrafted in Inglewood Ontario. Andrea creates fermented vegetable combinations that are unique, exciting and surprisingly delicious. She strives to change people’s minds about fermented vegetables by appealing to every palette!

Contact Info:

Favourite Quote

"Here I go it's my shot, feet fail me not, this may be the only opportunity that I got. You'd better lose yourself in the music."

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