Lesley Rubinoff

Lesley Rubinoff

CNP, NNCP / April 2012

www.nosugarcoating.ca | www.aintnosugarcoating.com

Favourite Class at IHN
Each class at IHN was a stepping stone, each teacher made an impact and each course equally challenging. However, Josephine Zappone’s “Professional Skills Development” class was my favourite. This class allowed me to experience my voice, understand my fellow classmates, show leadership and encourage others to be comfortable finding their voice. Linda Bazinet’s ‘Body Metabolism’ class comes in a close second, she really made it clear as to what goes on inside my body after ingestion of food.

Most Memorable Moment at IHN
There is not really any one particular moment that was more memorable then the other. Enrolling in the IHN program and coming to class the first day and hearing everyone introduce themselves. Everyone coming from completely different walks of lives and it was these people who quickly became my new family and dear friends. Being chosen as the valedictorian and being able to address my class on their behalf was extremely special and memorable.

Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition
I have created my own brand and practice, No Sugar Coating Consulting where I am the sole Holistic Nutritional Practitioner and Wellness coach. My mission is to help people reclaim their lives through a healthy lifestyle intervention. I aim to educate and provide nutritional guidance for those seeking optimal health. I also engage myself in many speaking engagements where I take my knowledge and share it with others through nutritional presentations and food demonstration. I also use my blog AintNoSugarCoating as an outlet where I can spread my wealth of knowledge to the world. I provide informative information in a very raw, blunt fashion. I post the most mouth watering nutritious and delicious recipes, which are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, guilt free and most importantly easy to master. IHN gave me the tools I needed to set fire to the world! I look forward to many years of educating the world on taking care of themselves. Be healthy, be inspired.

Contact Information:
Phone (Mobile): 514-473-6787
Phone (Office): 514-342-0123 ext. 228

Favourite Quote

Purpose may point you in the right direction but it’s passion that propels you.

Travis McAshan, Entrepreneur and Web Strategist
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