Angelo Greco

Angelo Greco

CNP, RNCP / Graduation Date October 1999

Favourite Class
All the classes were great.  Each course teaches you a different way to look at nutrition which turns you into the “complete” nutritionist.

Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition
Angelo has been a Certified and Registered Nutritionist for over 15 years and has been employed in the field of natural health for over 15 years. The interest in nutritional supplementation and how it affects the body has been an ongoing passion for Angelo, particularly in the area of sports supplements and human performance. Angelo is always up to date with the latest research on effective supplement stratagems as well as accurate nutrient timing so his clients receive the best nutritional care available.

Angelo also loves to educate by providing nutritional seminars for various companies in and around the GTA. Mr. Greco has also made radio and television appearances for the Latin American radio station; AM 1610 and the Telelatino Network (TLN) an Italian and Spanish television station. His tireless commitment to helping and educating others about nutrition is what Angelo thrives on. Mr. Greco teaches Fitness and Sports Nutrition at; The Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

Full Time Sales Associate and Certified Nutritionist in the Natures Treasure Department  for Fortinos Supermarkets Ltd.


Phone 416-230-7793

Favourite Quote

Nutrition isn’t that complex in theory, but it is in practice. Be kind to your shadow.

Rebecca Lawless (2nd Quote)
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