Melissa Cosentino

Melissa Cosentino


Graduation Date:
Convocation – November 2020
Courses finished/coop – March 2020

Most memorable moment at IHN
There are so many amazing memories at IHN, it is hard to pick just one! Our group had such a special connection, and we all shared an incredible bond.

I would say my most memorable memory would be in our Professional Practice where everyone had to share their vision board. It was so beautiful to see everyone share the vision they had for the future within our field of Holistic Nutrition, alongside their personal goals. Everyone sharing their deepest passion, and showing vulnerability was so nice to see and indicated how close our bond truly was! Everyone inspired me in one way or another.

Favorite class at IHN
Nutrition & The Environment. Our instructor made it such an incredible class! She is so passionate about this subject and takes it very seriously. She really taught me a lot and provided tons of insight on how we can all do a better job in protecting our Earth. The course material also gave me a lot of perspective. I can honestly say that I have implemented many changes in my day-to-day, using less chemicals, creating less waste and becoming more conscious of where I source my food.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
I am the founder of MellyFit Nutrition ( )where my mission is helping individuals to carve out their unique and individual path to a FIT body, mind and soul. Through my Clinical Practice, I offer Nutritional Counselling and work with clients one-on-one and in group settings, helping them along their wellness journey to achieve their health goals.

Specializing in digestive care, food sensitivities, detoxification, fitness nutrition, and stress management. Assessing symptoms and health history, we dig deeper to identify root causes of symptoms, while offering a holistic plan of action.

I launched my business in the middle of a pandemic – so timing has been tough! I was to start clinic hours within a Wellness Centre in March 2020, but everything shut down. This forced me to take everything online and virtual, which is the way of the future when it comes to healthcare. I am so grateful that this industry allows us to practice virtually, where many industries are not able to offer this due to their nature.

In this time I have also created an online group program called the 5-Day Holistic Detox Program where I help individuals get back on the right wellness path by eating wholesome detoxifying foods that nourish, remove impurities and support our bodies.

I also offer a series of virtual workshops and masterclasses, educating the general public on topics such as Gut Healing Recipes, Kombucha Brewing, Clean Eating, Detox 101, Allergens and Sensitivities, and much more.

In September, I re-opened clinic hours 2 days per week where I work alongside a team of health professionals including Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapist, and Psychotherapists. It is wonderful to be part of this team!

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Favourite Quote

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Joshua J. Marine
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