Graduation Date:

Most memorable moment at IHN:
There are so many! If I close my eyes, I can look around the room and see all the students, same seating, such a diverse group. I felt so fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. I used to drive all the way from Niagara to the Toronto campus. I did this in the full-time program—I drove with my cousin who also graduated with me. I can remember my car playlist (on a CD!) the incredible talks, jokes and quizzing each other before a big test.

Favourite class at IHN:
I loved Nutritional Symptomatology Part 1 and 2. I learned so much practical knowledge. Each day was a big wow for me and I still use many of those theories today!

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition:
I created a program called MCC Weight Loss. I currently practice this out of a series of medical clinics, including my own clinic. I also offer the program virtually. I have been in practice for 20 years and love it!

Contact Information:

Favourite Quote

In school: you miss a day you miss a lot! In nutrition: you are what you eat!

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