Jennifer Papaconstantinou

Jennifer Papaconstantinou

CNP / October 2008

Most Memorable Moment 
My most memorable moments were the first and last day of school.

First: I was terrified but ready for a new venture. I had stepped out of my “comfort zone”. By the end of the first course – Fundamentals – I knew in my heart that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. A realization and awakening occurred that I had met others who shared my philosophies and beliefs in regards to health.
Last: Witnessing the personal and professional transformation of each classmate, including myself, was miraculous.

Favourite Class
Every class was my favourite. Each course presented a new focus or idea and challenged our knowledge and thinking – I could not get enough… I loved every minute of it, even when I thought I didn’t!
Some of the courses that changed me forever always stand out. They include Professional Skills, Psychology of Disease, Environmental and Symptomatology II. Of course the Sciences with Linda were nerve-racking; I am thankful for her amazing teaching skills. An honourable mention goes to Murat; whose passion, extensive knowledge and incredible mind bring excitement to the classroom.


Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition
After graduating, I continued my education taking various Certification courses and I am always enrolled in some course or another.

I currently operate my own Clinical Practice called H.E.A.L. (Healthy Eating & Living) Naturally Healthcare in Pickering, ON where I see clients in my home office or at the Pickering Chiropractic Health Centre. I offer services in Nutrition, Ion Detoxification, Ear Candling, BASE Allergy Elimination, Iridology and Live Blood Analysis.

As well, I provide services as IHN’s Trade Show Manager. This amazing opportunity gets me to all the shows where I meet graduates, students and potential new students. I endlessly get to talk about Nutrition & Health…it is so much fun.
Weekly, I work at The Edison Institute of Nutrition, as the Educational Assistant/Student Services.

As a Mother of four children I am proud to educate our next generation by writing articles published in Canada’s Teen Empowerment Magazine called Girls Can Do Anything as their Health Advisor. Please visit: to read my publications or to pass this super magazine on to a tween or teen!

I have made an appearance on Garth Riley’s show – First Take Live on Rogers Television, presented various workshops, given seminars and talks and cooking demos.

I am currently available for one-on-one nutritional consultations, group lectures, educational sessions, corporate gatherings, and lunch & learn seminars. For more information on my services please contact:

Contact Information:
Phone: 905-903-7388

Favourite Quote

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi
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