Deede Preston

Deede Preston

CNP, HD / June 2000

Most Memorable Moment
My most memorable moment happened during Holistic Food Preparation, when I learned that my greatest challenge wasn’t learning holistic nutrition…it was learning how to cook!

Favorite Class at IHN:

In retrospect its hard to say there was a favorite class, as the whole program was so profound and life changing. I learned the most from two teachers in particular, Eva Cabaca and Tracey McBurney. Tracey had a wonderful way of including the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects into a lecture about the physical body, her classes were always fulfilling on every level. Eva was a role model for the ‘right’ way to live, she taught me the value of the simple life. Thank-you both for the lessons you taught, you continue to be an inspiration to me today.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
I’m currently combining both Homeopathy and Nutrition in my private practice. At Inner Outlook homeopathy is used to bring balance to the mind and emotions and is most beneficial when dealing with chronic disease, while practicing good nutrition improves the efficacy of homeopathic remedies and optimizes health.

Contact Information:

Favourite Quote

Women are like fine wine, they get better as they age.

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