Kristin Leeper

Kristin Leeper


Graduation Date:
November 2019

Most memorable moment at IHN
I have many wonderful memories from my time at IHN, but my favourite was watching everyone grow and support one another as we improved our public speaking skills in Professional Skills Development. It was an amazing experience seeing everyone become closer, gain confidence, and share their aspirations, and the transformations we underwent from our first short speech to our final cooking demonstration were remarkable.

Favorite class at IHN
My favourite class at IHN was Psychology of Disease – it opened my eyes to a completely new way of viewing health, disease, and the various roadblocks and setbacks that are an inevitable part of life. Being in this class made me even more passionate about honing in on our own unique potential for discovery, personal growth, and self-improvement. I still reference the material we studied in class in both my personal and professional life.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
I run a private nutrition business focused on stress management and hormone balance for men and women, addressing issues ranging from PMS to fertility to burnout recovery. I offer one-on-one nutritional counselling and custom meal planning, curate low-sugar, gluten-free recipes for my website, and run a blog (Quinwhat: Nutrition Demystified) simplifying popular wellness topics. I’m currently developing a virtual workshop with another wellness professional exploring how stress management is the key to achieving wellness goals. I became a published author last year in the Saved By Nutrition anthology, where I detailed my personal account of overcoming burnout, severe anxiety, and chronic digestive issues with holistic interventions.

Contact information
Phone: 613 862 5952

Favourite Quote

You can't live a full life on an empty stomach.

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