Isabela Jaworski

Isabela Jaworski


Graduation Date
April 2018

Most memorable moment at IHN:
My most memorable moment was actually at the end of my journey as an IHN student. Graduating with the beautiful souls I had come to know, and love, during the program. Surrounded by loved ones, seeing everyone’s face light up as we watched all the memories we had made, and reminded of our missions as we stood on the shoulders of Nutrition’s pathfinders. We were all blessed that day with the knowledge that we are bonded for life, in our friendships and common quest of health and nutrition knowledge.

Favourite class at IHN:
Herbal Medicine: I was simply fascinated by the power and nature of plants. I remember learning that they’re synergistic, meaning that when you take a few herbs together, they work to complement each other in actions and healing properties. This class made me fully aware that plants exist for our healing- the way they pick up on our energy to produce the precise chemical compounds that an individual may need for health, is simply amazing. This information is priceless, and I use herbal medicine as an invaluable healing modality in my life and current practice.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition:
Isabela currently runs her own private business, Artisan Nutrition, where she teaches people to be their best doctor, and true artisans of their health. Additional to one on one consultations in her private practice, Isabela also has a passion for health education. She conducts Holistic Food Cooking classes, Specialty Store Tours and Corporate/Group Education talks. At the core of Isabela’s business is a true love of tasty, good-for-you, holistic food! Known for her delicious creations, Isabela also caters events and private parties.

Contact Information:
1(604) 360-4012

Favourite Quote

“A true master is a master of his thoughts”

Feodor Dostoyevski
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