Stephanie Dodier

Stephanie Dodier


Graduation date:
October 2013

Most memorable moment at IHN:
My graduation speech as the valedictorian for my graduating class. So inspired!

Favourite class at IHN and why:
Psychology of disease was my favorite course because it opened my mind to one of the cornerstone root causes of all disease: the mind. It is the place of creation and manifestation. Using the knowledge from this course I was able to uncover a new world, heal myself and expand my awareness.

Currently doing in the field of holistic nutrition:
I created the Going Beyond The Food Method™️ an integrative and comprehensive approach focus on helping women change eating habits, free themselves from diets and negative body image thoughts and finally engage with food and their body from a place of compassion and absolute confidence. The Going Beyond The Food Academy, a global coaching and online training platform focused on helping women make peace with food and their body so that they can live a fulfilling life… right now! I have been recognized as a leading emotional eating & intuitive eating expert and our weekly podcast Host of The Beyond the Food Show, a top 25 nutrition podcast. Listen here.

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Favourite Quote

Everything happens for a reason!

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