Stephanie Dodier

Stephanie Dodier


Graduation date:
October 2013

Most memorable moment at IHN:
My graduation speech as the valedictorian for my graduating class. So inspired!

Favourite class at IHN and why:
Psychology of disease was my favorite course because it opened my mind to one of the cornerstone root causes of all disease: the mind. It is the place of creation and manifestation. Using the knowledge from this course I was able to uncover a new world, heal myself and expand my awareness.

Currently doing in the field of holistic nutrition:
When I began my practice and opened my clinic, I was focused on helping clients heal their symptoms and achieve weight loss, then I quickly discovered that many people had similar experiences to my story: thought and emotions were behind their current situations. I now specialize in our relationship to food and why we make the choices we make when it comes to food. I help women stop overeating by teaching them how to apply the psychology of eating principles into their life. I help them find WHY they think they need to overeat or emotionally make choices for food. Through their desire to stop overeating or emotional eating they discover their soul messages. I am a Clinical Nutritionist, Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Expert, Author, Speaker and Host of The Beyond The Food Show

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Favourite Quote

Everything happens for a reason!

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