Jessica Khalil

Jessica Khalil


Graduation Date:
November 2019

Most memorable moment at IHN
My coop experience was truly the cherry on top at IHN! I went on a one-week business retreat in Nicaragua to be coached on how to run our own wellness retreats as Holistic Practitioners! My dream is to run retreats around wellness and self-development and hopefully one day own my own retreat healing centre!

Favorite class at IHN
Psychology of Disease is the class that encompasses everything I am passionate about when it comes to wellness. We learned about the physical repercussions that emotional repressions can have on our bodies as well as the psychological process involved in healing. Truly such a transformative experience as we learned and applied new tools and did work around emotional healing. Big thanks to our teacher. Through that class I discovered the book “Born on the Mountaintop: Reclaim Your Life & Unleash Your Spirit” which has completely shifted my perspective on emotional trauma and I recommend it to everyone wanting to progress on their soul journey.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
I am currently running my online nutrition practice Wholistika offering mindful meal planning and personalized holistic protocols. I focus on emotional eating and self-development to improve the relationship you have with food and the relationship you have with yourself. I also incorporated non-toxic beauty into my practice through being a consultant with beautycounter.

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Favourite Quote

It’s not how long you live, but how much you understand of life.

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