Laura Maria De Sanctis

Laura Maria De Sanctis

BA, PR Cert., CNP.

Graduation Date: November 2017

Most memorable moment at IHN:

Therea so many wonderful memories at IHN that I can’t pick just one! My mind automatically goes to our Biological Chemistry instructor sharing stories of her and her family, and teaching us tips and tricks as to how to learn chemistry and biology equations. Who could forget the gorgeous cooking studio in Toronto, and our instructor teaching us through hands-on experience, holistic cooking and plant-based meals, fermentation and elixir recipes. I absolutely loved and was fascinated by the course Psychology of Disease and Energy Medicine class. It introduced me to the likes of Louise Hay and Joe Dispenza. I cannot forget any of these memories. My group and graduating class also made my experience memorable. Whether it would be laughing, sharing recipes, studying, or panicking before an exam – we did it together! Also, I loved my internships, and Julia Rickert who manages the IHN co-operative placement program, she has always been so supportive and is a wealth of knowledge Lastly, who can forget Stella’s healthy and yummy homemade soup. So many memories!

Favourite class at IHN:

It’s hard to choose just one class. I really loved the Psychology of Disease and Energy Medicine courses. I also loved Nutrition Through the Lifespan and Nutritional Symptomatology, as I found the content valuable and applicable to my personal digestive healing, as well as real-life situations to those around me. I found the faculty at IHN to be extremely knowledgeable and leaders in their field. They are so passionate about nutrition and health, and the content they share makes it very digestible for students. I often refer to notes from these classes and the suggested and recommended readings, because there is so much valuable and applicable content, I can reference when seeing my nutrition clients.

Currently doing the field of Holistic Nutrition:

I am the in-house nutritionist with Body Rock TV and creator and curator of the Body Rock Healthy Snack and Wellness Kit. I also run a private online nutritional consulting business, called Go With Your Gut, where I create content and develop recipes.

I have cocreated  two consumable products with Lemon Lily Tea: my signature Go With Your Gut organic digestive aid tea, and Go With Your Gut honey prebiotic superfood powder. I was inspired to create products that serve the digestive needs of myself and clients.

I am the Nutrition and Wellness expert on Global News AM 640 and Founder of Shift Happens Wellness Journals and Affirmation cards.

Contact information:


Favourite Quote

Be mindful of what you consume every day. What you consume with your eyes, ears, mouth and body energetically affects the soul. Be mindful of energy, the media, food and the people around you.

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