Thomas Leek

Thomas Leek

CNP (Hons), ROHP, RNCP, Holistic Nutritionist / October 2012

Most Memorable Moment at IHN
Elizabeth always welcoming me into her office with a a big smile and lots of love regardless of how busy she was.
She has the gift of teaching and has taught me many valuable life lessons. She is truly a leader in the industry and I
am so thankful for my experience at IHN.

Favourite Class at IHN
My favorite class at IHN was the Psychology of Disease with Tracy McBurney. I was not aware of how significant
the mind, body and spirit connection played a role in health and illness. The Psychology of Disease allowed me to
become aware of my own limiting beliefs and thought patterns that were affecting my health and well-being which
were not allowing me to move forward positively. This class and Tracy literally changed my life!

Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition
I am an outside sales representative for a natural health products distributor. I am responsible for building and
maintaining a strong client base with approximately 150 health food stores and healthcare professionals in Toronto.
I love the flexibility of being able to make my own schedule while combining my passion for natural health products
and sales. It is an honour and privilege to be part of the natural health industry which continues to grow and expand
and I couldn’t have done it without IHN.

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Favourite Quote

The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.

Louise L. Hay
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