Carrie Ann Dickson

Carrie Ann Dickson

RYT, CNP (Hons.) / October 2011

Most Memorable Moment at IHN
The kindness, love and help I received from everyone after I experienced a car accident was exceptional. It encouraged me to stay positive and focused on my healing journey.

So many beautiful memories were made at IHN. I was able to revisit and correct fearful experiences like public speaking; I delighted in the opportunity to utilize my creative talents with the development of my vision board and business plan. I was fascinated in trying new things like herbal tinctures, assorted detox protocols, muscle testing, power point presentations, cooking classes, and performing a live cooking demonstration.

Most recently, I received a call stating that the director wanted to meet with me. At this meeting Elizabeth Papadopoulos announced that I was class Valedictorian!

Favourite Class at IHN
My first meeting at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with Director, Elizabeth Papadopoulos was inviting, fun, and personable. I had finished my post-secondary education in business and fashion 20 years earlier, and was looking for a change. I followed my intuition and chose a school with heart and a promise of a close knit community.

Every one of our classes offered a great selection of informative material, resources and so much more. The IHN program kept us on our toes, ready for new challenges; there was certainly no time for boredom!

Each teacher brought with them, high, non-intimidating professionalism and all shared their specialties openly. Their lectures reflected individuality and finesse with full compassion for holistic health.

The program as a whole, contributed to my personal success; I opened up like a lotus flower, reveling its petals. I looked forward to each class knowing that it would bring new concepts and expand my creativity. On those tough days, there was always a friend or two that reminded me about celebrating achievements.


Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition
I have had the pleasure to share some of my teachings with clients of various dis-ease. It has always been my passion to help others, so I will continue to teach detox yoga, and heart centered Hatha yoga, while also offering therapeutics {Raindrop Technique, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki}, applied kinesiology {muscle testing}, as well as Holistic Nutritional consultations. My goal is to be completely Certified in Clinical Iridology and Live Blood Cell Microscopy in June 2012.

My new practice is called “Nourish ~ nutrition and wellness”. I have designed a beautiful space in Caledon Ontario, due to open spring 2012, to share my offerings, perform group workshops, cooking classes and gatherings. Follow me by watching my website grow with its details; I look forward to meeting you! Namaste

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Favourite Quote

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi
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