Rachelle Girardin

Rachelle Girardin

CNP, 200hr-RYT / April 2012


Most Memorable Moment
It is still going on… Going to IHN, I was able to meet a group of 20 other health conscious foodies that I now maintaining close relationships with. I met some of my closest friends the first day of class.

Favourite Class
Professions Skills Development and Holistic Food Preparation were the two classes that helped bring me into my power. I was challenged to speak in front of a group and do a food demonstration, which were all skills I would later strive to perfect. Our teacher, Sherry Strong, was a true role model and made this class the success it was.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
My team and I are currently offering on a 4 session in-home Nourishment Program, which is Beyond Nourished’s proven signature system of how to make healthy eating work for everyone. We look at our client’s challenges, schedule, budget and lifestyle and find solutions to make eating healthy easy, delicious and rewarding for them.
2014 will take me across North America leading nutrition workshops, catering special events, working on a recipe book and launching a digital version of the Nourishment Program.
Look forward to many more Beyond Nourished events, our highlights included a spectacular and nourishing Dinner in the Woods, making 1200 grain-free s’mores for the Lululemon sponsored Vancouver Seawheeze Marathon, preparing weekly meals for a Vancouver Canuck and his family plus throwing the Fluevog Shoes Christmas Party.

Contact Information:
Phone: 778-870-8524
Email: rachelle@beyondnourished.com

Favourite Quote

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants

Michael Pollen
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