Donna Wiggers

Donna Wiggers

CNP(Hons), RhA, Nutritionist, Holistic Allergist / March 2008

Most Memorable Moment
My most memorable moment came during one of my final courses. It had been a long year of studying and learning. One day it hit me, just how much I had accomplished and how much my life was changing in a real positive, universe centred way. Having come from a corporate world, I had made an enormous shift. I am very blessed to be on this journey.

Favourite Class
I enjoyed all of the classes at IHN. Fundamentals of Nutrition and Health was my favourite. Darko’s passion and enthusiasm for holistic healthcare was inspiring. I knew I was on the right journey. I also enjoyed Psychology of Disease with Tracey. I learned so many things about the mind, body, spirit connection. This course has really helped me with my practice today.

Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition
After graduating from IHN, I bought a 2 story Century Home in downtown Whitby. I converted it into a Natural Health Centre- Natural Wellness Solutions. There are currently 11 holistic practitioners working at the Centre. There is also an infrared sauna for detoxification therapy.
We have a beautiful workshop room available and we host many workshops and monthly Inspirational Movie nights.
I continued my studies in the Spring 2008 and obtained my RhA designation. I practice Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE) and specialize in allergy symptom elimination. Everyday I am grateful to be able to educate people and help them on their healing journey.

Contact Information:
Phone: 905-666-0005

Address: 604 Brock St .South Whitby

Favourite Quote

We can not do great things in this world We can only do small things With great love I keep a wall hanging of this quote in my office to remind me to do everything in my life with great love.

Mother Theresa
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