Laura Stokoe

Laura Stokoe

CNP, RNCP (Hons) / October 2007

Most Memorable Moment at IHN
My first day of school. I remember sitting in the classroom after Elizabeth’s introduction, feeling excited and not knowing what to expect. Darko burst into the room and immediately started talking about how he loved this stuff, and he knew it was the absolute truth; it just makes sense. When he started explaining about the body and nutrition, all I could think was, wow. From that moment, his passion was instilled in me, and it continues to grow everyday as I learn more, educate others, and see results in my clients.

Favourite Class at IHN
While each class was amazing and I truly loved them all, my absolute favourite was the first one I took: Nutrition and Health: The Fundamentals. Our teacher, Darko, taught us the basics of nutrition while keeping us highly entertained, which made me enjoy the class that much more. I learned so much right from the very beginning; I had no idea how in-depth the nutrition and health field really is. I could barely wait each morning to find out what new things we were going to learn that day.

Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition
Upon graduating from IHN, I started a nutrition and fitness company called Go To Health. In addition to being a holistic nutritionist, I am a Zumba Fitness instructor, and I teach several classes per week. I was recently voted Hamilton’s Best Fitness Instructor (woohoo!), and I love combining such a fun fitness class with the teachings of proper nutrition to get people healthy (or, rather, go to health). I also have a blog where one can find nutrition articles, videos, recipes, and ramblings.

I work both one-on-one with clients as well as in group settings. Also, I hold seminars, workshops, and retreats, and I love visiting workplaces to kick off and maintain employee health initiatives. Additionally, I do cupboard clean-outs and grocery store tours with my clients.

IHN cemented my passion for health and learning in this ever-expanding field. Because of this, I decided to further my education with a Masters diploma in nutrition, toward which I am currently working. Further, I have studied iridology, and I really enjoy taking the continuing education courses at IHN.

My goal is to open others’ eyes to the amazing powers of real foods, high quality nutrients, and a balanced lifestyle. I simply want to help people get healthy and feel their best in whatever way I can. I feel so lucky that I get to do something fun and that I love, everyday, while improving the lives of others by improving their health. What an amazing job I have!

Contact Information:
Phone: 289-260-6225

Favourite Quote

Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Edward Stanley | Ralph Waldo Emerson
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