Jillian Wisborg

Jillian Wisborg

CNP / October 2013


Most memorable moment
In front of the whole class, recalling from memory the biochemical steps involved in the digestion of fats while visually tracing the pathways in my mind.
Second other moment:
Finally understanding the relationship of why it was that I could eat an entire loaf of raisin bread without feeling full. (It’s the blood sugar-adrenal connection)

Favourite Class
Ayurveda sparked my fancy with its ancient perspectives of balancing the “doshas” (i.e constitution) to uncover your own capacity for true health. As a health care system with over a 1000 year old history, it struck me as a spectacular means of 1. evaluating your strengths and weaknesses 2. determining the optimum approach for healing through diet, herbal treatments and lifestyle updates. The exposure to the tongue analysis and pulse diagnosis to determine the vitality of the organ systems has since propelled me to pursue formal studies of Herbal Medicine.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition

I have a Hamilton-based private practice where I offer consultations with Iridology, Nutrition, and Herbal Medicine. Group events where I educate within the Greater Toronto Area is something that I have enjoyed doing within both health food stores (Goodness Me), corporations (Sodexo), alternative healing centres (Own Inside, Dupont St, Downtown Toronto), garden centres (Royal Botanical Gardens), and even your own home!

Since the completion of school, I have competed in fitness and boxing competitions, explored herbs through touring the South-West of California, and adventured into nearly every major style of eating that exists in North America. I enrolled at the East West School of Planetary Herbology for a 3 year program to learn the effectiveness and safe practices of using Ayurvedic, Western and Chinese herbs. I worked in the Supplement industry for 7 years, and have become familiarized with effective supplementation. I keep my ear to the pulse of many industries and continue to attend international educational conferences about orthomolecular nutrition, plant medicine, plant entheogens, and healing.

The programs that I have to offer are reflective of the time, effort and investment I have put into my family, friends, colleagues, clients, and myself. I am seeking to help renew people’s lives through restoring the body’s foundation with plant medicine, nutrition and community.


Contact Information:
Phone: 1-866-524-4740
Email: contact@jillianwisborg.com
Address:166 John St South, Hamilton ON

Favourite Quote

Everything matters, nothing matters.

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