Laura Gutierrez

Laura Gutierrez


Graduation Date

Most memorable moment at IHN
The farm trip and presenting my food demonstration for Professional Skills Development (despite the nerves!)

Favorite class at IHN
It’s hard to choose just one. I loved Psychology of Disease because it talked about the power of our beliefs, how what we choose to believe can either create illness or help us heal, as well as how repressed emotions have an impact on the physical body. It was such a powerful paradigm to learn more deeply about. I also really loved Nutrition and the Environment because it taught us that what we eat goes beyond nourishing our body; food is a political statement with repercussions for the entire planet. Also Herbal Medicine, because it’s amazing to learn about the healing power of plants and nature!

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
I’m the founder of The Health Sprout where I work with clients 1:1 and provide support in the areas of mental health, anxiety management, and cognitive support. I combine the healing power of food and lifestyle practices to optimize clients’ health, and work to support their gut health, blood sugar balance, and hormone balance. I also facilitate wellness workshops for the corporate sector and have presented on topics including eating healthy for busy individuals, nutrition to support mood, and strategies to increase energy. Lastly, as a Mindfulness Facilitator, I also facilitate mindfulness sessions for individuals and workplaces.

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Favourite Quote

Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be, embrace who you are.

Brene Brown
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