Julia Denker

Julia Denker

BA Psych, CNP, RNCP / December 2013

www.juliadenker.com | www.giveafig.com

Most memorable moment at IHN
Being selected as class valedictorian and delivering my speech at graduation to my treasured classmates!

Favourite Class at IHN
Nutrition and the Environment

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
I launched my casual but informative ‘healthy foodie’ web site/blog www.giveafig.com in the summer of 2013.

Since graduating from IHN, I have developed my professional brand, ‘Julia Denker, Holistic Nutritionist,’ and launched a second services-focused web site – www.juliadenker.com. I offer individualized nutritional counselling, in addition to workshops and presentations for small and large groups.

As a nutrition coach specializing in women’s health, I appreciate the struggle many women experience when trying to balance family, career, and ever-changing hormones with eating healthy.

I also bring my expertise to the area of health in the workplace. I recognize that busy executives can work smarter by eating better. I know first-hand how stress, long days at the office and grabbing food on the go can takes its toll on health.
I developed 2 (2-hour) workshops aimed at the female audience: Nutrition 101 for Women: Getting your glow on; and Menopause and Diet: Keeping the pep in your step! I am excited to offer these workshops to the Surrey/Langley community through Kwantlen University’s Continuing Education. I will also be exploring other venues for workshop delivery in the near future.

Finally, I am currently looking to meld my extensive corporate background with my nutritional/holistic health platform. I am not quite sure as yet how this will pan out, but my goal is to find a way to educate employers on the link between employee health and corporate success.

After many years managing people in the workplace, I have much to offer in the growing field of employee health and wellness.

Favourite Quote

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

Maya Angelou
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