Christine Josiah

Christine Josiah

BASc., CNP, RNCP / July 2004

Most Memorable Moment:
I have a number of memorable moments at IHN, but the ones that stick out in my mind the most were the first time I met Elizabeth, overcoming my fear of public speaking in Professional Development and of course graduation day.  The first time I met Elizabeth I knew I was making the right decision in attending IHN and pursuing a career that I was passionate about.  She shared the story of how important it is to follow your dreams, as she did when she opened up her first holistic nutrition school and to never let anything get in the way of what you are passionate about.  In the Professional Development course Dave really helped by sharing skills of how to address a group for public speaking.  He said as long as you are prepared, do your research you speak from the heart you will be fine.  Graduation from IHN was one of my proudest life accomplishments, finishing the program after 6 years of part time studies in between having my children really showed me I can do anything.

Favourite Class:
I learned a great deal from every course at IHN, but without a doubt Psychology of Disease was my favourite.  I learned a great deal about myself from the course and how our emotions play a significant role in the state of our physical health.

Currently doing in the field of nutrition:
I currently own and operate nutrition and wellness consulting business in the Newmarket called Optimize your Health.  In addition I am also promoting and selling a children’s whole foods cookbook series- Munch, Yum, Grow, along with fellow graduate Enza Tartaglia.  We published and printed the book in December 2005 and are now promoting the book at bookstores, on television, in schools and by giving nutrition seminars at various organizations.  It is our hope and aspiration that parents, caregivers as well as fellow nutritional consultants can use these books to help promote and instil healthy eating habits in children that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Christine Josiah BASc, CNP, RNCP
Address: 100 Bothwell Cres.Newmarket, ON L3X 2K5

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