Natasha Onley

Natasha Onley

NNCP CNP / October 2012

Most memorable moment at IHN
One of my many memorable moments at IHN was in Professional Skills Development class, where we were tasked to demonstrate and present a recipe in front of the class. Although I was exceedingly nervous, my presentation of a Mexican Black Bean Mango Salad was a great success and became a defining moment for me in leading to my career in nutrition. It revealed to me that my passion was also truly my gift, and that this demonstration would be one of many to come.

Favourite class at IHN
Now, this is a tough question to answer as I loved so many courses throughout the program, but I would say my very first course, Fundamentals of Nutrition, was my favorite overall for several reasons. Firstly, my teacher was absolutely brilliant and ignited a fire in my soul for healthy living and helping others that will never be snuffed out. Secondly, Fundamentals opened my eyes to the holistic world and gave me the foundation of knowledge that guided me through the remainder of the program.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
Natasha is currently a happy at-home mama to her 5 month old baby girl, Isabelle. Still passionate about her roots in nutrition, Natasha is back to seeing her clients on a part-time basis at Caven Nutrition Group in Ottawa, focusing mainly on family and pediatric nutrition. Although her new career as a mama is priority, Natasha will still be conducting nutrition workshops, teaching healthy cooking classes, and speaking at local events in the community on occasion. She also appears regularly on Ottawa’s CTV Morning Live and Roger’s Daytime Ottawa, sharing healthy tips and recipes.

Contact Information:
Phone: 613-979-0191

Favourite Quote

People who love to eat are always the best people.

Julia Child
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