Mahdiyah Asiya Jamshidi

Mahdiyah Asiya Jamshidi

CNP / October 2005

Most Memorable Moment 
This school’s community, what it stands for, and the knowledge it offers, more than anything changed my life. It is such a place that I tell everyone I come across about it, and wish everyone would attend; imagine what a world we would have if that came true! There were many days, especially with Louise Ormond’s Psychology of Disease class, where I had such profound “ah-ha” moments, breakdown crying, deep sighing of relief times thinking to myself, “this is what I have been waiting to hear”, “this is what I have always known”, “finally the truth spoken from outside the sacred buildings and books”. I think for me, as with everyone who attends I am sure, a lot of the lessons from IHN carried over into my personal life and spiritual practices. I consider IHN to be the platform from which I jumped into this world of health and truly realizing what it means to be alive. There were so many beautiful moment, from the first day establishing friendships with soul sisters I still connect with today, till the last day receiving a card from Elizabeth saying how much I will help to heal others beyond my wildest dreams. I hope to take that mission of serving the people seriously, and successfully, with the help of God.

Favourite Class
I was really fortunate to have a mentor early in my life that directed me to IHN while I was still in high-school. I remember sitting at the open house hearing Darko Prce “preach” some mind-blowing truth about nutrition and the health industry. It was at that moment I knew I wanted to attend IHN and learn everything they had to offer, to start my journey to health and wellness. Of course I didn’t know the extent of what I was signing up for, but had the sweetest taste of awakening to something essential in myself, something that needed to take place at that moment. I remember meeting Sanchia and Elizabeth with welcoming arms and confirmation that IHN was the place for me. I needed to get in on this! So, while still in grade 12 I signed up for a few night classes (including topics in Detoxification, Muscle testing-Kinesiology, Essential oils etc) and finally met Tracy McBurney who I had heard all about. Those classes were the beginning, and the end for me! How can I choose just one course? It is the whole that makes the strength of such a school. I will forever remember reading Staying Healthy with Nutrition, and Ayurveda The Science of Self Healing, in preparation for Fundamentals and Ayurveda class on the deserted beach the summer before I started. The gentleman that randomly sat beside me to talk about the movement of natural health in America, and how he disappeared as quickly as he came. I will forever remember and refer back to IHN note books on topics covered in any number of classes taught by Murat, Herbal Medicine, Sports Nutrition, Symptomatology, and Professional Practice/Skills.

Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition
Since graduating from IHN I have had the blessed opportunity to work at LIVE – Raw Health Cafe in Toronto, which was a refreshing joy that also changed my life and state of being. I have lived all over the east coast, studying, working, and volunteering with Green Movements, Organic Gardens, Healing communities, supplement stores, other raw-food restaurants, women’s gyms, writing, and most importantly building a network by educating and helping one person at a time via Holistic Nutrition. In addition, I am NESTA Certified Holistic Fitness Practitioner, Sports Yoga Instructor, Mental Skills Training Specialist, and Mind Body Fitness Specialist. Currently I live in Seattle where I am working on my Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, at Bastyr University. I would like to say that sitting in some of the ND’s workshops I am continuously amazed how much I know of what is being taught, truly because IHN is not only the leader in training nutrition professionals, but in sharing with the students the important up-to-date topics of health and the human body. That being said, this subject is a life-long study and I am eager to continue learning about Iridology, Reflexology, Blood Cell analysis, Acutonics, Cranial Sacral work, Unani Tibb Medicine etc etc etc! It is also my dream and hope that after graduation from Bastyr I will finally open up an Integrative Wellness Centre with my beloved husband, God willing. I am so grateful and in awe of this life.

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Favourite Quote

Be like the flower that gives its fragrance even to the hand that crushes it.

Imam Ali A.S.
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