Gérard Jeantet

Gérard Jeantet

CNP, Clinical Iridologist, Holistic Nutritionist, Chef de Cuisine / October 2010


Most Memorable Moment at IHN
There were lots of good moments; Most important was the great bonding we had as classmates; we never felt alone because we always had each other when we needed that extra help.
Elizabeth was always there to listen to us and her smile and laugh was so energetic.

Favourite Class at IHN
My favorite class at IHN was Symptomatology 2 with Sofia Pistrilia.
I really enjoyed the class because it taught us how to put to good use all the invaluable knowledge we had acquired in practical terms.
It also made us appreciate the essence of this path we have chosen and how important it is to help people live a healthy and enjoyable life.

Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition
I have my own practice where I use clinical iridology as my main tool. I have offices at Brampton and Owen Sound. I am looking to improve my knowledge in Iridology, European Iridology, Sclerology and Rayid (personality) by learning different techniques. With my background as a chef, I design healthy menus and diets for clients without drastically changing their eating habits.

Contact Information:
Phone: 647-522 8168
Email: info@santeharmonie.ca

Favourite Quote

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children

Native American Proverb
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