Jennifer Morden

Jennifer Morden


Graduation Date

October 2007

Most Memorable Moment at IHN

Fighting for our right to a break between exams….poor Edith. More than a single moment could serve as a testament to my invaluable time with IHN. Many of the professors were instrumental in my success post graduation. My experience with Eva allowed me to ensure my clients see the possibility of all foods rather than just what appears on their plate. Murat provided me the tools to confidently approach the use of statistics to support any argument when advocating for a client; even if that means questioning an author’s own material. Diane Kent taught me the magic behind medicine.

The results of which allow me to conquer many clinical obstacles that might otherwise be deemed unlikely to support or heal. Darko, a man of many talents via tumultuous means. Many of our conversations left me with a sense of empowerment, thoughts provoked, a thicker skin and insurmountable level of confidence. In the practice of Law, the first lesson drilled into my psyche was my divine right to fearlessly represent my client. A lesson which was only preceded in the moments Darko simply said to me: “Bravo”.

Favourite Class at IHN

My most memorable courses at IHN were those instructed by Eva and Jill. Eva was forever indefatigable in presenting her students with ways to make the most of various foods and experiencing the joy of flavour. Jill’s vast business knowledge, acceptance of others and sense of humour enabled students to gain a confident and realistic approach to building a successful practice.

Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition

Jennifer’s combined passion for medicine and the law has her currently working in the legal field while running a successful Nutritional and Health Care practice. Jennifer provides a high quality of care to clients throughout Canada, the United States, and overseas. The scope of Jennifer’s practice branches beyond conventional therapies and is inclusive of a myriad of allopathic, naturopathic, holistic and spiritual applications. Jennifer practices modalities in Iridology, Muscle Testing, Live Blood Cell Microscopy, and is a Pre-post Natal Coach.

As a Native American woman, Jennifer often combines the gifts of the Universe and Mother Earth to provide her clients with a well rounded and balanced plan for success. Jennifer is currently developing pre-post natal programs for the community and agencies in the GTA and continues to teach about the importance of nutrition in various seminars, conferences, and schools.

Contact Information

Favourite Quote

You do at the time what you know how to do. When you know better, you do better

Maya Angelou
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