Rick Tufts

Rick Tufts

BCom, CNP / January 1998

Most Memorable Moment
My most memorable moment with IHN actually occurred immediately following my graduation. During the 16 years leading up to and including my year at IHN, I had experienced severe asthma. While my condition had been improving steadily with changes I was making in my nutrition and other aspects of my lifestyle, like most asthmatics, I never believed I could actually eliminate the condition. During the year at IHN, Elizabethwould periodically say to me: “You know, you can get rid of your asthma.” I was always skeptical about the possibility of that being possible. One cold night in February of 2008, I went for a run and forgot to take a puff on my inhaler to guard against my asthma which was especially susceptible to cold air. I started increasing my pace until I was running flat out as fast as I could go. After living with the condition for 16 years, there was no sign of asthma. What a way to cap the year at IHN!

Favourite Class
My favorite course at IHN would have to be Physiology. One day, something happened in that course which solidified my decision to spend the rest of my life in the field of holistic nutrition. The course instructor was describing the various functions of the renal system and how it supports the rest of the body and our overall health. After listening for a few minutes, I put my pen down and simply listened in awe as I realized that the human body is literally a miracle of evolution with an amazing ability to heal itself when given the proper tools. It was both reassuring and exciting to know the course at IHN was providing me with those tools.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
I am currently managing a health food area for Loblaws Supermarkets as a Natural Value Manager. I have a nutritional practice specializing in natural solutions for sleep problems and stress relief, conducting personal consultations with clients. I also offer seminars and workshops on sleep and stress to the corporate sector and private groups as well.

Contact Information:
Email: rtufts4health@aol.com

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