Graduation Date:
October 2015

Most memorable moment at IHN
My most memorable moment was my last day of classes. I loved this school and learning environment so much that I did not want it to end. It was bittersweet- sad I will no longer see my peers everyday but excited about the future to use my education to help others.

Favorite class at IHN
Nutrition & The Environment was a life-changing class because of the depth of knowledge of my professor and how much I learned about the toxins all around us. These small changes we can make in our everyday life- from the quality of the food and water we consume, the air we breathe, what we put on our skin, or clean our houses with, can have a big impact on our health and longevity.


Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition

My personal mission is to help others live their happiest and healthiest lives. The most impactful way I can achieve this mission is to work on a big scale with brands and individuals that are well-known. I currently operate Wellness Influence LLC, a consultancy providing influencer and strategic partnership marketing solutions for carefully vetted ethical wellness brands. I have advised multi-million-dollar companies as well as prominent MD’s in the health space. Through this work, I have been able to spread the message of holistic nutrition to hundreds of thousands of people and counting.

Biohacking is a passion of mine, and I spend time coaching a small number of people at a time who want to learn more about total body optimization. I combine innovative technologies with ancestral wisdom to help people feel more energy, sleep better, and improve their gut health.

Giving back is very important to me and therefore I am actively involved in the non-profit sector. I lend my services to The Open Chair Foundation to help provide resources to those in need suffering from issues related to mental health. The IHN continuing Education course I took Nutrition and Mental Health, taught by Paul Demeda, was particularly helpful for me in this role.

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Favourite Quote

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln
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