Kerri Cooper

Kerri Cooper

BSc, CNP / December 2007

Most Memorable Moment
My most memorable experiences at IHN were in both my first class “Fundamental of Nutrition”, and my final class “Professional Skills”. It was during these two classes where I experienced the most development and growth. Darko’s Fundamental’s class was so intense it was almost frightening. Everything that Darko represents in the field of nutrition is what I strive to achieve in my career. His commitment and passion towards educating his students and clients, his never ending thirst for knowledge, and his fearlessness in challenging the sceptics of nutrition will forever be inspiring to me. Just as memorable was the growth I experienced throughout Josie’s Professional Skills class. Josie is such a beautiful person and a wonderful teacher, and the skills she taught us in that class are so extremely valuable for both character and career development. The knowledge and skills I learned in that class are some of the most valuable lessons I received at IHN.

Favourite Class
The amazing thing about the courses at IHN is that practically each and every class was my favourite during the time I was taking it. They were all so different from one another and truly represented the diversity of knowledge we learned at IHN. If I had to choose one, well…..I couldn’t! However, ones that stand out are: Herbal Medicine, The Psychology of Disease, Ayurveda, Fundamentals of Nutrition, Holistic Food Preparation, and all of “Encyclopedia Muratica’s” classes.

Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition
I am currently running my own nutrition consulting business, “Roots of Health Holistic Nutrition”, in Toronto. In addition, I work alongside Samantha Montpetit-Huynh, of “Core-Expectations” in the Beaches of Toronto, working with pre and post natal woman. I also work part time at a fellow graduates Wellness Center in Whitby Ontario “Natural Wellness Solutions” where I do consultations and nutrition seminars. Along with private consultations, I offer cooking classes, guided grocery store tours and kitchen pantry make-over’s, group seminars and detoxification support. I am always looking to increase my skills and knowledge and am currently enrolled in the “Applied Endocrinology” continued education course at IHN.

Contact Information:
Phone: 647-477-9627

Favourite Quote

Nothing happens in living nature that is not in relation to the whole

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