Chloé Phillips

Chloé Phillips


Graduation Date
April 2023

Most memorable moment at IHN
The Cooking classes! Such a fun way to learn about nutrition while also being tactical in the kitchen. This course allowed me to really engage with nourishing meals and experience their nutritional benefits while also experiencing the joy of creating dishes for the people I love.

Favorite class at IHN
The Psychology of Disease was my favourite course! Its unique and insightful approach to understanding the intricate connection between mental and physical health were outstanding. This course delved into the psychological aspects of how diseases manifest and progress, shedding light on the profound impact of emotions, stress, and lifestyle on overall well-being. This class equipped me with valuable insights into the behavioural patterns that contribute to disease development and progression, enabling me to tailor my nutritional interventions with a more holistic understanding of the individual. Ultimately, the Psychology of Disease class enriched my professional toolkit, enhancing my ability to address the complex interplay between mental and physical health in the realm of nutrition

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
I work with clients to empower them to heal their digestion through personalized nutrition and movement practices. I blend my background as a Certified Nutritionist and yoga teacher to create a holistic and tailored approach to help those with IBS and IBD live beyond their diagnosis.

Favourite Quote

Everything happens for a reason.

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