Caitlin Iles

Caitlin Iles

BA Hons., MA, CNP, & CNE / May 2013

Most memorable moment at IHN
I absolutely loved every minute at IHN but I would have to say that my most memorable moment would have to be our field trip to an organic farm outside of Toronto. It was absolutely amazing to me to see how much time, love, and effort farmers put in to create the kinds of produce that support our health and our planet. Since then I have never hesitated to spend more for quality organic or locally & sustainably grown food. To this day I still remember the beautiful sunshine, the animals, and the deliciousness of the food that I brought home!

Favourite class at IHN
While I absolutely adored Symptomatology 1 and 2, Preventive Health Care, Herbal Medicine, and Nutrition Through the Lifespan, my number one spot would have to go to Psychology of Disease. Before taking this course, I literally knew virtually nothing whatsoever about the mind-body connection and its role in achieving and maintaining vibrant health.

The practice of keeping a journal throughout the entirety of the course has been something I have incorporated into my life during times of transition, growth, or development. It also taught me to be more mindful of the way my mind can influence my overall state of health, which has been incredibly useful when working with individual clients.

The hands on demonstrations of actual energy and chakra work are some of my favourite memories and I was always one of the first to shoot my hand up to volunteer when the time came. Definitely do not be afraid of making yourself vulnerable and digging into your past for the assignments, as they were some of the most profoundly healing exercises I have ever done.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
I am currently the founder and owner of Nourished by Caitlin Iles, my nutritional practice located in Saskatoon, SK. I work clients from all over the world to help them get to the root of their bodily imbalances and help support their bodies back to health via appropriate dietary, lifestyle, and supplementation protocols. I love hosting cooking classes and food demos, privately or for public functions, where I can teach people how easy and fun it is to get in the kitchen and make some culinary love. I want to strip away all the conflicting information for my clients and get back to the basics of healthy living which means focusing on stress management, a whole foods diet, moving your booty, and recapturing your joy and passion for life. A big part of that is doing speaking events on the foundations of vibrant health across the province.

I have also become involved in organizing my own yoga, nutrition, and wellness retreats. Having participated in several over my career as a speaker or purveyor of delicious, nutritious food, this year I am co-hosting my first retreat with a current IHN Vancouver student. I’m hoping to make hosting a retreats a major part of my business in the next few years.

In addition to running my own wellness company, I also write for ALOHA Way Magazine, teach youth yoga classes in Saskatoon, and work as the Program & Marketing Manager at Inside Out Bakery & Catering. This bakery focuses on creating delicious gluten- and dairy-free, totally allergen friendly, whole-foods based meals and treats that anyone can enjoy. I’m very excited to help get this business up and running so that Saskatoon has a safe and inclusive space for everyone to eat, regardless of dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences.

To keep up with all my current events, recipes, and blog posts, you can visit the Nourished website below.

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The definition of Ahimsa is to live so fully and presently in love that there is no room for anything else to exist.

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