Athina Mougoyannis

Athina Mougoyannis

CNP / April 2012

Most memorable moment
There are no words that can provide any justice to any one single memorable moment.  It is more of a feeling that consumes you every time you step foot into IHN starting from meeting Elizabeth, who is such a beautiful soul that radiates wonderful energy.  To every student, faculty and administrative staff member that are filled with unconditional love and sincere affection for your best interest. When one person is going through a rough patch in their life, everyone is there to support one another to help get them back on track.  I have been blessed to have met such wonderful souls in my class and through this program.  Everyone has touched my soul in their own unique way and for that I am grateful.

Favourite Class
There are so many to choose from “Psychology of Disease”/”Professional Practice”/”Professional Skills”, however, the one single class that provided me with the courage to stick through the program and fill me with the confidence to understand what direction within this industry I am meant to pursue, and use my voice to do it was “The New Wave of Marketing”.  This program was offered as a continuing education course that I decided to enroll in only 7 months into the program.  As the only student in this class that was still in the program, it helped me realize that enrolling at IHN was the best decision I have made, and that this is the path I am meant to walk on. New Wave of Marketing helped me focus my energy, passion and purpose with every class I continued to study while being true to my own soul.


Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
I am creating an army to help heal the Corporate Environment. I have put together the N-BA Wellness program that I use in my Corporate Wellness sessions when speaking within the Financial district in Downtown Toronto. I also consult on a one-on-one basis to help people achieve their overall wellness goals.

Contact Information:
Phone: 416-618-5382

Favourite Quote

"One of my favorite quotes or expressions is something that I truthfully, honestly, deeply, sincerely believe with all of my heart and soul…something I have written that I also follow throughout my life. “Everything in life is a choice. T’is all a matter on how you choose to deal with what is given to you that determines the outcome of your life. There is an easy way to do things and there is the right way, you choose… for t’is the choices you make that show who you are." Another quote, “Fear will never overtake you if your determination to succeed strong enough." And lastly… “The best way to manifest your reality is to place yourself in the situation(s). Be BOLD and go for what you want and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! CREATE YOUR REALITY.”

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