Maggie Millwood

Maggie Millwood

BSc., CNP, NNCP / October 2014

Most memorable moment at IHN
There were many memorable days at IHN and as a result it is difficult to select just one. However, the first day stands out. I was ushered into the most amazing, empowering and uplifting world. It was set to change me forever. Every new class was so meaningful, with each teacher sharing their passion and giving us the opportunity to tackle the world of holistic health from a different perspective each time. My first class was Ayurveda: Mind/Body Healing and it was so interesting- it captivated my attention immediately and I never stopped being enraptured. Another memorable moment was when our Founder and Director, Elizabeth met with our class for orientation, she said that our year at IHN would be the ‘best year of our lives’ and she was 100% right. To me, it was the most transformative, life-changing year ever! The last day of school, was unforgettable. I realized how we had grown together as a group, and that the people I had met on the first day had become not just classmates, but friends and supportive colleagues. We were no longer a sea of faces, but a family! To be chosen as the class valedictorian after all of the amazing forerunner moments, has etched deep meaningful memories of IHN in my mind forever.

Favourite class at IHN
I loved all my classes at IHN. Each brought a different dynamic to my toolbox in the field of Nutrition. Some sciences challenged me to dig deeper, as we learnt about the fascinating, yet complex human body, in Human Anatomy and Physiology and Body Metabolism. Other courses empowered me to become an advocate for health, such as Nutrition and the Environment and others set the stage for pursuing my passion – with a wonderful introduction in Fundamentals of Nutrition – it truly set the foundation for me and I love referring to these notes. I loved both Symptomatology (1 & 2) courses and particularly loved the interaction in nature of Herbal Medicine, the camaraderie of Professional Skills Development (not to mention sharing the holistic recipes during food demonstration classes) and the practical application of Preventive Health Care. They were all so important in shaping my understanding for my holistic nutrition career!!

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition

I started building my practice in nutritional consulting right after graduation, through setting up my business Perfect Health Solutions. My goal is to help clients who desire to take charge of their well-being through educating and mentoring them with a holistic approach to their health challenges.

Together we redefine what well-being is for them and aim to renew their energy and restore them to perfect health! The intended result is a victorious, empowered and equipped human being.

As a holistic nutritionist, the bio-individuality of the client, and the way each person’s body functions and interacts with food, supplementation and the environment is the key. I believe that everyone has the right to know this. As a result, it is my passion to educate as many people as possible about the importance of taking charge of their health, eating real food and making informed choices for their own life balance. I see my role as a herald, an architect and an advocate for each one to find their solution to perfect health.

I have also been upgrading my knowledge in the field, by pursuing continuing education courses such as Blood Sugar Management, as well as working with an established Health Store in Toronto, Peaches and Green as a supplement and real food advisor. In addition, I am uniting nutrition with my other passion: writing, by working towards launching my blog.

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Favourite Quote

When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.

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