Chloe Elgar

Chloe Elgar

BA, CNP / April 2013

Most memorable moment at IHN
One thing that stands out for me from my time at IHN (and continues to be true) is the outstanding amount of support I have. IHN is truly a family. Since graduating I also spent some time working with the phenomenal, beautiful team as program advisor and administrative assistant. Those halls are home, and I know that they always will be. I’ll never forgot the day I went into General Manager Shayna Grimwood’s office to have my first Co-op Placement meeting. This was the same day that I had just split up from my long-term boyfriend of 7 years (big change). The Co-op meeting quickly turned into a true session of sharing life stories with Shayna being a true source of support and love. I’ll never forget that day.

Favourite Class at IHN
It really is difficult to choose just one class out of the 19 core courses offered at IHN. The thing about an education in Holistic Nutrition is that you get such a well-rounded base of knowledge in so many different areas of the discipline. When it comes down to choosing one class, it has as much to do with the experience as it does with the subject matter and information learned.

For this reason, my two (I couldn’t just go with one) most memorable classes are Human Pathology and Holistic Food Prep. It’s funny, because they really couldn’t be more different. I loved Pathology because inside I really am such a science nerd, and I loved learning about all of the health imbalances and diseases out there and how they relate to nutrition on a micro and macro-level. Also, Dr. Jason Marr (ND) taught Pathology and I truly love his style of teaching. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but he is also extremely passionate about nutrition and science (and research) and this is something that definitely added to the delivery.

Holistic Food Prep is my second favourite class, quite simply, because I love working with food and learning new (natural & sustainable) ways to prepare food and share the love with others. Sherry Strong taught this class and she has always been a mentor of mine; I feel lucky to have been one of her students, and learnt a lot from her space of holistic love and knowledge.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
Much like the quote, I have spent my time since graduating from IHN carving my path. IHN was a place where I was able to face a lot of fears and begin to grasp my true passions in life: writing and cooking. Since graduating, I have continued to develop my business, Chloe’s Countertop. What started off as a place for me to share my thoughts while I was still at IHN has become a place where people frequent, daily, to read my story, find information on nutrition and discover new and holistic recipes to try at home.

Chloe’s Countertop is now the platform from which I can continue to share my passion with others. I work as a Freelance Writer for holistic publications and businesses (e.g., Alive, Detox Delight Dubai) and also started a Holistic Catering business for small events (under 100).

I am now working for Nectar Juicery (a new, fantastic juicery based out of Vancouver that was co-founded by Tori Holmes and Lara Kozan) playing a role in operations and production. As the company grows, I plan to incorporate my writing and marketing skills to help their business reach and fly past its vision and potential.

I am also working, actively, for Detox Delight Dubai, the first and largest juice cleanse company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (a franchise of Detox Delight, a popular and very successful juice cleanse company in Europe) as their Writer and Nutritionist Consultant.

Favourite Quote

Whatever you dream you can do, begin it! Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in it. Begin it now!

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