Enza Tartaglia

Enza Tartaglia

BASc, CNP, RNCP, HI, DS Hom Med / June 2001


My Part-Time Studies
Elizabeth, the Director of I.H.N. and I were colleagues and friends from Ryerson University and she contacted me to introduce me to I.H.N. and I knew, from that moment, it was the answer I was looking for. I am very proud of Elizabeth’s accomplishments and for sharing her knowledge with me. The education I learned at I.H.N. is the milestone to my career and passion to help others achieve optimal health. Thank you Elizabeth!!

I.H.N. combines all facets of an individual which was never taught at Ryerson University. For the first time, I was ready to plunge into the waters of opening a practice and I attribute this to Elizabeth and the wonderfully gifted faculty/staff that inspired me to make my dream come true. At I.H.N., I earned a First Class Honours Diploma and a lifetime of knowledge.

Favourite Class
Ayurvedic Medicine, Preventative Health, Clinical Detoxification

Ayurvedic taught me the chakras and how emotions are connected to physical ailments.

From this course, I learned how to help others in achieving health by understanding emotions and addressing the corresponding organ/system. I went on to learn meditation and yoga from which I have grown to understand self worth. Preventative Health was fascinating as a comparison to my University Course. From this course, aside from an outstanding instructor, Murat Vardar, I learned to personalize the requirements for each individual that I counsel including myself. Clinical Detoxification shed light on the liver and all its functions. The knowledge I gained in this course has made a huge impact in the way I counsel my clients.


Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition:
I have been practicing in the city of Vaughan for over 15 years and recently expanded to include an office downtown Toronto. I offer private counseling sessions and teach healthy eating for life. The name of my company is Healthy 4 Life Centre. In addition, I am also a Homeopathic Doctor and have added this to the services I offer. My specialties also include detoxification and weight loss management.

Contact Information:
Phone: 905-850-6411
Email: info@healthy4lifecentre.com

Favourite Quote

Where the Thoughts go, the Energy Follows. - The energy always follows our thoughts. When we are positive, loving and focused, the energy is the same.

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