Tricia Pearson

Tricia Pearson

CNP / April 2014

Most Memorable Moment
I can`t say it was a moment really, it was the support, hilarity and shared ups and downs that I remember the most.

Favourite Class
Favorite class was Ayurveda with Jaisri Lambert. This was a wonderful surprise to me and I was taken with both the class content and the teacher. The dietary practices in Ayurveda encourage a conscious way of living which resonate with me deeply. Understanding the emphasis of embracing food as life-giving energy, and of how the individual nature and the influences as person has around them determine how well the food will serve him or her has been extremely useful.

Currently doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
The focus of my practice is oncology nutrition but I also support clients with a range of health concerns from diabetes to menopause. My approach is fun and evidence-based delivered through workshops, one on one consultation and cooking classes.
Yes, I am an advocate of a plant-based diet. However, my practice is not about judgment or conversion, it is about the individual needs, goals and what is appropriate for my client. I know there are many who are kale or tofu averse and I work with everyone!
Seeing the results for those I have worked with is what fuels my belief that taste buds are the perfect vehicle for change.

Favourite Quote

No mud, no lotus

Thich Nhat Hanh
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